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Recent papers

Recent papers

Booth, P., Cox, S., Albery, I, P., Frings, D. The effect of viewing an online e-cigarette advertisement on attitudes towards tobacco smoking and e-cigarette use: an experimental study.  BMJ Open 2019;9:e027525. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2018-027525

Booth, P., Albery, I. and Frings, D (2018) The Effect of E-Cigarette Advertisements and Anti-Smoking Messages on Explicit and Implicit Attitudes towards Tobacco and E-Cigarette Smoking in 18-65 Year Olds: A Randomised Controlled Study Protocol. BMJ open 7(6), e014361.

Chard, A., Trinies, V., Edmonds, C.J., Sogore, A., Freeman, M.C. (2019). The impact of water consumption on hydration and cognition among schoolchildren: Methods and results from a crossover trial in rural Mali. PLoS One, 14 (1) e0210568. 0210568

Conroy, D. & de Visser, R.O. Benefits and drawbacks of social non-drinking identified by British university students. Drug and Alcohol Review, 37(S1), S89-S97. doi:10.1111/dar.12610

Conroy, D. & Hagger, M. (2018). Imagery interventions in health behavior: A meta-analysis. Health Psychology, 37(7), 668-679. doi:10.1037/hea0000625

Edmonds, C.J., Skeete, J., Klamerus, E., Gardner, M.R. (in press). Effect of mouth rinsing and mouth drying on cognitive performance and mood in adults. Psychological Research.

Edmonds, C.J., Harte, N., Gardner, M.R. (2018). How does drinking water affect attention and memory? The effect of mouth rinsing and mouth drying on children's performance.Physiology & Behavior, 194, 233-238.10.1016/j.physbeh.2018.06.004

Gannon, K. Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health (2019). Barry, J., Kingerlee, R., Seager, M. and Sullivan, L. The Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology and Mental Health. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Marwood, H.,  Chinn, D., Gannon, K. and Scior, K.  (2018). The experiences of high intensity therapists delivering CBT to people with intellectual disabilities.   Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 31(1), 76-86.   

McDermott, M.R. (2019). Being innovative and ethical about research: The importance of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the BBC Prison Study. Psychology Review, 24(3), 23-25 (

Jacobs, L., Conroy, D. & Parke, A. (2018). Negative experiences of non-drinking college students in Great Britain: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 16(3), 737-750. doi:10.1007/s11469-017-9848-6

Pardi, J., & Willis, M. (2018). How young adults in London experience the Clubhouse Model of Mental Health Recovery: A thematic analysis. Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Mental Health, 5(2), 169–182.

          Vollmer, B., Edmonds, C.J. (2019). School age neurological and cognitive outcomes of fetal growth retardation or small for gestational age birth weight. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 10: 186. Special issue Causes and consequences of intrauterine growth restriction.


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