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Recently Funded Projects

EU H2020 EURECA (March 2015 – Sept 2017): The project tackles the challenges surrounding innovation procurement of Cloud and environmentally sound and greener ICT solutions in the public sector. The work will encompass devising solutions for public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI). This will be achieved by consolidating recognised and emerging benchmark criteria into an easy to use Cloud based tool that can be deployed by experts and non-experts alike. EURECA will also help create a roadmap indicating the procurement options to reduce energy consumption, make efficiencies and minimise the ICT environmental footprint.

EU H2020 ICT COST Action cHiPSet (Nov 2015 – Sep 2018): This Action will provide the integration to foster a novel, coordinated Big Data endeavour supported by HPC. It will strongly support information exchange, synergy and coordination of activities among leading European research groups and top global partner institutions, and will promote European software industry competitiveness. EC are members of WG1.

EU FP7 PEDCA (July 2013 – Jan 2015): The Pan European Data Centre Academy (PEDCA) project leveraged the expertise and skills from Europe’s three main data centre hotspots (Germany, Netherlands and UK) to identify and validate the research requirements of the data centre industry. Six joint action plans were identified and to be implemented.