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  • Rabih Bashroush (Director)
  • Joseph Doyle
  • Daniel Schatz
  • Eoin Woods
  • Anas Almharat
  • Fawzi Fawzi
  • Muhammad Garba
  • Umaima Haider
  • Sanjeewa Jayathilake
  • Nigar Jebraili
  • Hassan Kassir
  • Comfort Oyode


  • Moustafa Noureddine, (PhD), currently with Microsoft
  • Magdalena Beleva, (MSc), currently with Thomson Reuters
  • Iretioluwa Akinyemi, (MSc), currently with Deloitte
  • Chris Job, (MSc), currently with Accenture
  • Dimitar Danchev, (BSc), currently with Atos
  • Becky George-David, (BSc), currently with RBS