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Publishers and suppliers of dual language books and multilingual resources for children 

Ablekids established in 2005 to encourage language learning, stocks books in 40 languages and has an especially interesting collection of books and resources for children in Scottish Gaelic. 

Alien Languages supply a range of dual language books in 48 languages as well as multilingual educational aids and cultural artefacts, music and dolls, to educational and community organisations. 

Badger Publishing have translated into Polish a selection of their popular titles for children aged 9 to 14. These are available in dual language format.

Bramhall Books a small family run publishing house. Books for young children in French and English with lesson plans freely downloadable from the website (see Reviews).

B Small is another small publisher with a passion for language learning. Bilingual books for children in French and Spanish with English.

French publisher Casterman has The American series of Toon Books available bilingually in English and French.

The Chinese Bookshop provides Chinese languages books as well as books about learning Chinese and English books about Chinese culture. The site offers a large range of books for both native and non-native speakers.

Alternating chapters in French and in English from Talents Hauts Editions, similar to the format of Radio Franglais but aimed at younger children.

Early Start publishes dual language books in French, Spanish and German with English and Big Books for use with whiteboards for teaching languages in primary schools. The publishers are interested in research “into how children use the parallel texts, and what strategies might be suggested to use them in developing their understanding of the target language”.

East West Discovery is a U.S. publisher and distributor of dual language texts for children with an extensive catalogue covering 30 languages. They have a particularly extensive collection of traditional and contemporary stories in Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

Frances Lincoln publishes Gujarati/English and Panjabi/English versions of Mary Hoffman’s Amazing Grace.

Grant and Cutler have a bookshop within Foyle’s in central London. They have a good selection of children’s fiction in a range of world languages, including many in dual language format. A wider selection is available from their website.

L’Harmattan, 5-7 Rue de l’école polytechnique, 75 005 Paris. Publish illustrated stories for children from 58 countries in the local language and French. 

Tour de terre en poésie by Henry & Vautier, 1998. Poems in a very wide range of languages with a translation into French.

The Turkish company Heyamola publish some beautiful bilingual books for children in Turkish and English. These include a set of 10 books featuring many of the popular Nasreddin Hoca stories. There are also three sets of 5 bilingual story books, each book commissioned from a prominent Turkish author. Each story is intended to provoke interest in a particular topic. The sets are aimed at readers aged 8+, 7+ and a set for children aged 6+ in a larger format. Books cost between £2.00 and £3.00 each but sets are sold at a discount. The Nasreddin Hoca stories cost £1.25 each. The books are available from the Heyamola representative in England, Ms Kathryn Hinton, 1 Church Mill Close, Standlake, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 7SU.

Je découvre les metiers collection for young children in French and Arabic from Editions du Jasmin.

Jubilee Books is a major supplier to schools has an extensive range of dual language books in 58 languages from different publishers.

Macaronic Press is a California based publisher of parallel texts in English, French, Spanish and German for language teaching.

Mantra Lingua publish illustrated story books for children from the earliest ages to 13 in dual language format with 64 languages and English. As well as print copies 450 titles are available as e-books, as collections for schools or as individual books. Each book has the audio available in both languages, includes video, questions and activities aimed at supporting learners of English. The words in the English text can be highlighted, making it easier for children who have heard the story in their home language to learn to read in English. There is a facility for teachers or parents to make notes and children can add their own writing or drawing on the pages of the book. The Mantra Lingua site offers a wide range of creative multimedia resources. Mantra Lingua, Global House, Ballards Lane, London N12 8NP 020 8445 5123

Milet Publishing publish children’s dual language books in 23 languages. These include board books for young children and teaching resources such as dictionaries, CDs, flash cards and games. They are based in Chicago, but their books can be ordered online.

Thai Books is not a dual language book site, but it does have a wonderful selection of books for children aged 0 to 9, and, as they say, “other great stuff”.