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Drugs and Addictive Behaviour Research Group


The Drugs and Addictive Behaviours Research Group has grown out of a long tradition of work on the neuropsychological effects of recreational drugs. It concerns itself with investigating the cognitive, behavioural and psychobiological effects of a range of illicit and licit drugs and in more recent years behavioural addictions such as gambling. The group conducts empirical research into the effects of withdrawal from regular use and protracted abstinence, acute, subacute and hangover effects, predictors of use, abstinence and treatment evaluations. The group also work closely with the School of Psychology’s Cognition and Neuroscience Research Group, Health Promotion and Behaviour Research Group and the Psychology and Social Change Research Group, as well as the UEL Substance Use and Misuse Network

Group Aims

  • To conduct and disseminate high quality research which leads to the generation of new knowledge, wider public understanding and better policy and practice.
  • To explore the psychological and cognitive effects of a range of legal and illegal psychoactive substances and evaluate the impact they have on users.
  • To investigate the causes and consequences of a range of drug and behavioural addictions, including withdrawal effects and pathways out of addictive behaviours.

Group Membership

  • Professor John Turner
  • Dr Kirstie Soar
  • Dr Florentina Hadjiefthyvoulou
  • Dr Meredith Terlecki
  • Dr Dominic Conroy
  • Dr Volker Thoma
  • Dr Mark Harwood
  • Dr Zetta Kougiali
  • Dr Richard Ralley
  • Ms Elena Gomis Vicent (PhD student)
  • Mrs Catherine Kimber (PhD student)
  • Miss Emma Chapman (MPhil student)

Group Affiliations:

  • Cognition and Neuroscience Research Group
  • Health Promotion and Behaviour Research Group
  • Psychology and Social Change Research Group
  • UEL Substance Use and Misuse Network
  • Professor Olivia Corcoran (School of Health, Sport and Bioscience)