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Institutional Studies (formerly CIS) was established in 1970. It has a distinctive approach to policy analysis, evaluation and institutional effectiveness and a long history of researching policies and practices related to urban regeneration in East London, crime, poverty, inequality, community and voluntary organisations.
Institutional Studies is a well-established research theme dedicated to improving policy, management and practice through research.

We specialise in research on, and with, organisations which exist to solve social problems or improve conditions. We work with organisations from all sectors who wish to improve their performance or to experiment with new ways of working, through action research and evaluation research. At present our main interest is with Third Sector organisations, including social enterprises.

We are committed to working across institutional and disciplinary boundaries, both within the University of East London and beyond, so as to apply research-based knowledge to tackling injustices, inequalities and the harmful consequences of institutional policies and actions.

Research Approach

Using a Popperian approach we treat institutions, policies and practices as trial solutions to social problems; analysing and testing their formulation and their effectiveness (Burgess 2002).

We see theories as concrete propositions to be practically tested, first in the real world of critical discussion – does a proposition to solve a problem stand up as an idea? – and then in the real world of practice: what’s the evidence about how well the problem has been solved? Theories are not to be proved right, but to be proved wrong, and revised, and problems re-formulated. This approach, we believe, can help in research across a range of contexts, and situations involving widely differing characteristics.

We draw on collaborative and participatory methods for working in and with - often marginalised - communities and the ‘subjects’ of research, and we engage in action learning and organisational development for helping improve policy, management and practice. Through these methods, we can involve plural modes of evidence and be inclusive of the knowledge and experience of participants.

Current research

  • Tottenham Thinking Space - Alice Sampson and Heather Price (Psycho-Social Research Group, UEL)
Tottenham Thinking Space is a pilot project run by Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and funded by Haringey Local Authority. 
This innovative project provides space for Tottenham residents to share and reflect on their difficulties and explore the challenges they face together. 
The project aims to enable residents to collectively find their own solutions and to develop skills to improve their ability to manage their own lives.

Our action research is intended to contribute to the development of this initiative.

  • Attitudes to extremism, and experiences and responses to extremism in the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Greenwich

Alice Sampson, Lara Frumkin (School of Psychology), Yang Li (Centre for Geo-Information Studies, UEL), Anthony Richards (School of Law and Social Sciences), Sancha Cadogan-Poole (research assistant CSJC)

This study explores the influence of local conditions on community attitudes and experiences towards extremism through interviews with statutory agencies,  community organisations and community leaders, as well as local residents in the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Redbridge. The intention of this research  is to inform local policymakers about appropriate prevention strategies.

  • Fight for Peace Academies in London and Rio – their progress and impact

Alice Sampson and Maria Rita Villela (PhD student, Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro)

This ongoing evaluation involves working with staff and young people to assess the progress of Fight for Peace Academies which are located in East London, UK,and Complexo da Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fight for Peace aims to offer real alternatives for young people to crime, drug trafficking and  violence by engaging them in boxing and martial arts, education, giving them opportunities to access formal work, by promoting a culture of peace, and giving young people the skills to be youth leaders.

  • Hackney Marsh Partnership: future directions

Alice Sampson, Max Weaver (visiting research fellow CSJC), Yang Li (Centre for Geo-Information Studies, UEL)

This research, funded by Hackney Marsh Partnership, draws on census data from the last 20 years, an analysis of community assets of the  organisation and interviews with key users and stakeholders, as well as other local multi-purpose organisations, to assess possible future directions for  this multi-purpose community anchor situated in a disadvantaged area of East London.

  • New institutions, technology and welfare reform using internet mediated research

Alice Sampson and Louisa Hernandez (research fellow CSJC)

The purpose of the study is to better understand how to systematically use internet mediated research now there is the wealth of online data available for analysis, and following the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, making online data collection an even richer place for gathering primary data. This internet-based study explores how joint ventures between local authorities and private companies are delivering traditional services such as housing repair services and advice-giving, and responding to ‘anti-social’ behaviour and non-payment of rents, for example.

  • Food banks, community food centres, and urban agriculture

Alice Sampson, Myrto Tsilimpoundi, Angie Voela, CSJC, and Darryl Newport and Paula Vandergert, Institute of Sustainability, UEL

This scoping study aims to establish closer links between community organizations, food producers and food banks to create access to the production and consumption  of good quality fresh food at affordable prices for those who are living in poverty. The intention is to explore the possibilities of working together to develop a long-term initiative.
The research involves interviews with those running food banks in East London, with food co-operatives and social enterprises, community organisations with food growing  projects, local authorities, and private companies.

  • The exposure of students to payday lenders

Alice Sampson, Timothy Hall, Sancha Cadogan Poole, research assistant CSJC

This research aims to find out how many students at the University of East London have taken out a payday loan and the effect this has on their studying, health, and relationships. The research includes a survey of students using self-completion questionnaires and face-to-face interviews with students who have used payday loans.

The purpose of the study is also to develop alternative solutions for students who run out of money to enable them to avoid using payday loans, and to find out how students in debt due to crisis borrowing might best be supported.

  • Credit unions: are they an alternative to payday lenders?

Alice Sampson, Timothy Hall, Sancha Cadogan Poole, research assistant CSJC

Credit unions often have a limited life span and this study aims to gain a better understanding of what types of credit unions are best suited to offer students sustained support. Through a review of the literature, mapping of credit unions in London, and interviews with senior managers of credit unions, this study will identify models of ‘good practice’.

Previous Research

The Institutional Studies theme (formerly Centre for Institutional Studies) has a distinctive approach to policy analysis, evaluation, and institutional effectiveness.

We work collaboratively with clients, combining theoretical analysis with practical and empirical work which provides insight into the workings of voluntary organisations and social action. This approach is combined with teaching to inform and develop organisations and those who work in them.

Our funders include: the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, European Social Fund, Department of Education and Science, Home Office, Ministry of Justice, the Leverhulme Trust, Local authorities in London, Voluntary and Community Sector organisations.

You can download copies of our Commentary Series, Research Reports, and Essays, from the lists below.

Institutional Studies Previous Research - Publications

The Commentary Series reports run from 1978 to 2002 and includes over 100 reports. We are gradually transferring them to electronic files and they will be available on this site.

If you see a report you are interested in but it isn't available to download, please contact us.

  1. The Teenage Health Project in the London Borough of Newham
    Helena Svensson De la Cruz
    June 2002
    ISBN 1-902494-19-9

  2. Advocacy: Improved Access to Services in the London Borough of Newham
    Helena Svensson De la Cruz
    June 2002
    ISBN 1-902494-40-7

  3. An Evaluation of the SRB South Leytonstone Agenda 21 Neighbourhood Development Programme 
    Helena Svensson De la Cruz and Monika Krause
    May 2002
    ISBN 1-902494-43-1

  4. Challenging Partnerships: Sustaining Women's Collaborative Relationships in Changing Business and Political Environments 
    Margaret Page
    May 2002
    ISBN 1-902494-48-2

  5. The Governance of Women's Organisations: Towards Better Practice
    Jane W Grant
    May 2002
    ISBN 1-902494-14-8

  6. The Youth Technology Centre: The Click 
    Helena Svensson De la Cruz and Monika Krause
     March 2002
    ISBN 1-902494-42-3

  7. Subsidised Nursery Places: A Route to Employment in Leabridge
    Hywell Dinsdale and Emma Ahmad
    July 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-46-6

  8. The Lea Bridge Gateway SRB: Final Evaluation
    Hywell Dinsdale and Emma Ahmad
    December 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-47-4

  9. Community Computers:The Success of the Flexible Learning Centre in South Leytonstone 
    Alice Sampson
    December 2001, ISBN 1-902494-13-X

  10. Promoting Healthy Living in South Leytonstone  
    Emma Ahmad
    December 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-12-1

  11. Young People out of work in South West Newham: Two Years On 
    Alice Sampson
    December 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-49-0

  12. Evaluation of Healthworks in Newham: Health & Safety in Schools Programme 
    Hywell Dinsdale, Sharon Robinson
    December 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-45-8

  13. An Evaluation of Newham Community Health Services NHS Trust: Bilingual Co-Workers Project
    Hywell Dinsdale, Sharon Robinson
    December 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-09-1

  14. Football and Social Inclusion: The Thames Gateway Youth Project
    Vikki Rix Alice Sampson, David Sloan,
    April 2001
    ISBN 1-902494-08-3

  15. Green Street SRB: Fifth Year Impact Evaluation 
    Alice Sampson, David Sloan and Amanda Tucker,
    March 2000
    ISBN 1-902494-06-7

  16. 'A lot of friends. A lot of appreciation and a phone that never stops ringing': Voluntary action and social exclusion in East London - a pilot study
    Michael Locke, Alice Sampson and Julie Shepherd
    December 2000
    ISBN 1-902494-07-5

  17. South Leytonstone SRB: Evaluation of the Crime Prevention Programme
    Rebecca Fearnley and Amanda Tucker
    September 2000
    ISBN 1-902494-41-5

  18. Evaluation of the Lea Bridge Gateway SRB Neighbourhood Agenda 21 Project
    Rebecca Fearnley
    June 2000
    ISBN 1-902494-02-4

  19. South Newham: Towards an understanding of Racial Violence and Harassment and its prevention
    Alice Sampson, Julie Shepherd and Marilyn Vaz
    April 2000
    ISBN 1-902494-03-2

  20. Lea Bridge: Gateway To Opportunity Baseline update and progress report
    Alice Sampson
    December 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-01-6

  21. Evaluation of the SRB Fit for Work Support Worker Training Project
    Vikki Rix
    October 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-00-8

  22. Evaluation of the Fit for Work SRB Provider Development Project
    Julie Shepherd
    September 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-19-9

  23. Evaluation of the Towards Employability SRB: Year 2 report
    Rebecca Fearnley, Fiona Roberts and Vikki Rix
    August 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-18-0

  24. Lea Bridge Gateway SRB: an evaluation of the Customised training initiative
    Neil McInroy
    August 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-17-2

  25. South Leytonstone SRB: a Contract for Change 
    Rebecca Fearnley and Fiona Roberts
    July 1999

  26. Gradient : a report on desk research on developments in higher education to help graduates set up their own businesses
    Ginny Eley
    August 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-15-6

  27. Lea Bridge gateway SRB: An assessment of business activity and needs
    Neil McInroy
    July 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-12-1

  28. Women’s organisations in the UK Voluntary Sector: A force for social change
    Siobhan Riordan
    July 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-13-X

  29. Young people out of work in South West Newham
    Fiona Roberts
    June 1999
    ISBN 1-902404-14-8

  30. Stratford City Challenge: Final evaluation
    Rebecca Fearnley
    May 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-11-3

  31. The Community Sector in Stratford & Temple Mills SRB: An assessment of its role in Urban Regeneration
    Rebecca Fearnley and Neil McInroy
    March 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-10-5 

  32. Graduate Business Start-ups Survey: Graduate into Enterprise Project - Gradient
    Dr Razak Grady
    April 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-09-1

  33. Cranberry Lane: A residents’ survey
    Neil McInroy, Alice Sampson and Rachel Tuffin
    February 1999
    ISBN 1-902494-08-3

  34. Assessing the benefits of Stratford City Challenge: Findings from four case studies
    Rebecca Fearnley, Neil McInroy, Fiona Roberts and Julie Shepherd
    September 1998
    ISBN 1-902494-44-X

  35. Towards Employability SRB: Progress in Year One
    Rebecca Fearnley (UEL) Lesley Kendall (NFER) Alice Sampson
    August 1998
    ISBN 1-902494-06-7

  36. ‘On the Safe Side’: A Women’s safety training programme in East London
    Rachel Tuffin and Alice Sampson
    August 1998
    ISBN 1-902494-05-9

  37. Say ‘aah’: Patients’ views of GP services in Newham
    Julie Shepherd
    July 1998
    ISBN 1-902494-04-0

  38. Stratford and Temple Mills SRB: An Assessment of the Advice and Grants to Businesses Programme
    Neil McInroy and Alice Sampson
    June 1998 ISBN 1-902494-03-2

  39. Winsor Park: A Fledgling Community. Findings from a residents’  survey
    Alice Sampson, Rachel Tuffin and Katie Burgess
    May 1998
    ISBN 1-902494-02-4

  40. Young People and Safer Cities: An Evaluation in East London
    Rachel Tuffin, Alice Sampson, Rebecca Fearnley and Fiona Roberts
    February 1998
    ISBN 1-902494-01-6

  41. Community Development in South Leytonstone: An evaluation of the South Leytonstone Single Regeneration Budget community development programme
    Fiona Roberts
    February 1998

  42. Stratford City Challenge: Year Four Report
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    December 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-62-4

  43. Bow Back Rivers Business Survey
    Rebecca Fearnley
    March 1998 ISBN 1-874-210-57-8

  44. The Lea Bridge Gateway SRB Partnership: Report of a Business Survey 
    David Gordon and Alice Sampson
    December 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-96-9

  45. The South Leytonstone SRB Area: Report of a Business Survey 
    Rebecca Fearnley
    December 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-91-8

  46. The Stratford and Temple Mills SRB Area: A Strategy for Economic Regeneration 
    Alice Sampson, Rebecca Fearnley and David Gordon
    December 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-86-1

  47. Secondary Shopping: South Leytonstone High Road 
    Rebecca Fearnley
    September 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-81-0

  48. Evaluation of the Stratford City Challenge Youth Pinnacle Programme 
    Fiona Roberts
    September 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-76-4

  49. South Leytonstone: A Contract for Change Baseline and Process Evaluation Report 
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    July 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-71-3

  50. Higher Education: Responses to the Dearing Committee’s Questions 
    Tyrrell Burgess, Michael Locke, John Pratt
    March 1997
    ISBN 1-874-210-66-7

  51. Stratford City Challenge End of Year Report: October 1995 - March 1996 
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    December 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-61-6

  52. There Ain’t Much To Play, Most Things Are For Adults: Children in an urban environment
    Rachel Tuffin
    December 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-52-7

  53. Picture This: An overview of visual arts activity in four east London boroughs 
    Nick Richards
    September 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-47-0

  54. Stratford and Temple Mills Baseline Study
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    December 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-42-X

  55. Stratford City Challenge Baseline Update 
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    September 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-37-3

  56. Proceedings of a Workshop: “Regenerating East London: How can it be achieved?”
    Steven Howlett
    July 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-32-2

  57. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Year Three Six Month Review. April - September 1995
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    July 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-27-6

  58. Safezone Stratford: Findings of a Residents’ Survey 
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    July 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-22-5

  59. Newham ACPC Don’t Shake the Baby Campaign 
    Alice Sampson and Julie Shepherd
    June 1996
    ISBN 1-874-210-17-9

  60. Assessing the Impact of the Stratford City Challenge Crime Reduction Initiatives 
    Urban Regeneration Evaluation Team
    January 1996
    ISBN 1-187-210-12-8

  61. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Year Two Report 
    Rebecca Fearnley
    December 1995
    ISBN 1-874-210-07-1

  62. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Strategic Objective Four - Confidence to Take Part
    Rebecca Fearnley and Bruce Jerram with John Pratt
    May 1995
    ISBN 1-874210-10-1

  63. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Strategic Objective Three - Better Housing, More Choice 
    Rebecca Fearnley and Bruce Jerram with John Pratt
    April 1995
    ISBN 1-874210-09-8

  64. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Year Two Six Month Review 
    Rebecca Fearnley, John Pratt, Guadalupe Gonzalez de Turner,
    Bruce Jerram and Michael Locke
    February 1995
    ISBN 1-874210-08-X 

  65. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Year One Report 
    Alicear Jiwani and Rebecca Fearnley with John Pratt,
    Guadalupe Gonzalez de Turner and Michael Locke 
    February 1995 ISBN 1-874210-07-1

  66. Stratford City Challenge Evaluation: Strategic Objective One, Raising the Profile 
    Alicear Jiwani, Rebecca Fearnley, John Pratt,
    Guadalupe Gonzalez de Turner and Michael Locke
    February 1995
    ISBN 1-874210-06-3

  67. Stratford City Challenge Baseline Study 
    Alicear Jiwani, John Pratt and Nick Richards
    February 1994
    ISBN 1-874210-05-5

  68. First Destinations Survey of Students Completing Polytechnic Courses of Initial Teacher Training for the Teaching Profession in 1992 in England and Wales 
    Compiled by CIS for PCET
    April 1993
    ISBN 1-874210-04-7 

  69. Training for the Voluntary Sector in Newham: People's needs and local provision 
    Michael Locke, Jon Griffith, Alicear Jiwani,
    Teresa Hayman and Nick Richards
    January 1993
    ISBN 1-874210-03-9

  70. The Price of Partnership: an evaluation of the PGCE (Primary) course at the Polytechnic of East London 1991-92 
    John Pratt, Alicear Jiwani and Alison Gallagher
    November 1992
    ISBN 1-874210-02-0 

  71. First Destinations Survey of Students Completing Polytechnic Courses of Initial Teacher Training for the Teaching Profession in 1991 in England and Wales
    Compiled by CIS for PCET
    May 1992
    ISBN 1-874210-01-2 

  72. Mature Students in Higher Education:How institutions can learn from experience 
    Alison Gallagher, Nick Richards and Michael Locke
    Second edition
    April 1993
    ISBN 1-874210-00-4 

  73. Mature Students: Exploring Good Practice in Higher Education 
    Edited by Michael Locke
    September 1991
    ISBN 0-901987-99-9

  74. An Experiment in Partnership: Community Service Volunteers and the Social Services Department, Isle of Wight County Council 1983-1990 
    Hugh Harrison
    June 1991
    ISBN 0-907382-13-4 

  75. Sexism on an Adventure Playground: Making sense of practice
    Christine Johnson
    May 1990
    ISBN 0-901987-71-9

  76. Women Returners: A policy for freshstart courses 
    Yvonne Hillier
    April 1990
    ISBN 0-901987-70-0 

  77. Performance Indicators in Teacher Education 
    John Pratt
    April 1989

  78. Higher Education and The State: An inaugural lecture 
    John Pratt
    July 1989
    ISBN 0-901987-68-9

  79. Charitable Status and Incorporated Institutions of Higher Education: Issues and questions 
    Michael Locke
    March 1989
    ISBN 0-901987-67-0 

  80. Gypsies and Caravan Sites Act 1968: Privatising the provision of sites 
    Robert Home
    October 1987
    ISBN 0-901987-66-2 

  81. The Management Training Needs of District Occupational Therapists in England and Wales
    Sally Haylock
    April 1987
    ISBN 0-901987-65-4

  82. Local Authority Capital Spending: Controls and Consequences 
    John Bloomfield
    January 1986
    ISBN 0-901987-64-6

  83. Avoiding the Unavoidable: Formula Funding and Institutional Costs in Public Sector Higher Education 
    Rory O'Hara
    November 1985
    ISBN 0-910987-63-8

  84. Unit Costs at North East London Polytechnic: An unfair basis of comparison?
    Rory O'Hara
    November 1985
    ISBN 0-901987-62-X

  85. Local Government Reorganisation in 1974 
    Tim Ridoutt
    November 1984 ISBN 0-901987-61-6

  86. London Government Reorganisation in 1965: Objectives and Outcomes 
    Tim Ridoutt
    November 1984
    ISBN 0-901087-60-3 

  87. Equal Opportunity in Teacher Training Courses 
    John Bloomfield and Rory O'Hara
    August 1983
    ISBN 0-901987-57-3

  88. Colleges of Higher Education: Intended and unintended consequences of the White Paper 1972 
    Michael Locke
    July 1983
    ISBN 0-901987-55-7 

  89. Accountability in Education: The role of elected parent and teacher governors of schools, and their relationship with their constituencies 
    Felicity Taylor
    June 1983 ISBN 0-901987-54-9 

  90. Admissions Processes to Colleges of Further Education for Vocational Courses 
    Michael Locke and John Bloomfield
    March 1982
    ISBN 0-901987-52-2 

  91. Agenda for a Central Body: A response to the DES' consultative document on public sector higher education 
    John Pratt and Michael Locke with Jim Antia
    November 1981
    ISBN 0-901987-43-3

  92. The Case for Abolishing Domestic Rate Relief, and the Consequences of Abolition in 1980-81 and 1981-8 
    Philip Tunley
    February 1982
    ISBN 0-901987-51-4 

  93. Colleges of Higher Education: Constraints and Opportunities 
    Michael Locke
    February 1982
    ISBN 0-901987-46-8*
    Published in Locke, M et al (1985) The Colleges of higher education 1972 to 1982: The Central management of organic change. Critical Press.

  94. Colleges of Higher Education: The Students 
    John Pratt, Mark Russel and Michael Locke
    February 1982
    ISBN 0-901987-45-X

  95. Colleges of Higher Education: The Emergence 
    Michael Locke and Mark Russel
    February 1982
    ISBN 0-901987-44-1 *
    Published in Locke, M et al (1985) The Colleges of higher education 1972 to 1982: The Central management of organic change. Critical Press.

  96. Local Income Tax and Local Government Reform 
    Philip Tunley
    October 1981
    ISBN 0-901987-41-7

  97. The CNAA Quinquennial Visit to North East London Polytechnic: Monitoring the Polytechnic's Performance 
    Michael Locke, John Pratt and Andrew Spencer

  98. Developing an Alternative to Block Grant 
    Philip Tunley
    October 1980 

  99. Guidelines on Secondary School Reorganisation 
    John Bloomfield and John Pratt
    September 1980 

  100. The Scottish Rate Support Grant: The Structure and Implications of a System of Distribution 
    Philip Tunley
    June 1980

  101. The Funding and Control of Advanced Further Education Notes on the Likely Consequences of Government Actions 
    Michael Locke, John Pratt and Philip Tunley 
    June 1980

  102. Engineering: Our Last Chance 
    Michael Fores and John Pratt
    March 1980

  103. The Government's Proposals for Rating Valuation
    Philip Tunley
    March 1980

  104. School Government: A response to the Government Bill and White Paper 
    John Pratt and Tony Travers
    February 1979 

  105. Rate Support Grant: Changes and Consequences 1974-5/1977-8
    Tony Travers

  106. Health and Efficiency: Evidence to the Royal Commission on the Health Service 
    Tyrrell Burgess, Tony Travers and John Pratt
    November 1978 

  107. Submission to the DES Management Review: "The Inspectorate" 
    Tyrrell Burgess, John Pratt and Tony Travers
    May 1978

  108. Local Government Finance: A Response to the Government Proposals (Plus A4 Technical Appendices) 
    Tyrrell Burgess, Tony Travers with John Pratt
    April 1978

  109. Maintaining the Maintained Sector: A Response to the Report of the Working Group on the Management of Higher Education in the Maintained Sector 
    John Pratt, Tyrrell Burgess and Tony Travers
    August 1978 

  110. Policy, Practice and Projections: A response to the Discussion Document: Higher Education in the 1990s 
    John Pratt, Tyrrell Burgess and Tony Travers
    June 1978 

  111. Submission to the DES Management Review 
    Tyrrell Burgess, John Pratt and Tony Travers
    January 1978

*. Commentaries 17 and 19 are out of print:The material has been revised and updated in The Colleges of Higher Education 1972‑1982 by Michael Locke, John Pratt and Tyrrell Burgess, Critical Press, (34 Sandilands, Croydon CRO 5DB

These reports are findings from studies undertaken prior to the renaming of the Centre. These reports are also available from the University of East London's institutional repository.

  1. Fight for Peace in Rio and London – assessing their progress and impact.
    Summary report: November 2012, by Alice Sampson and Maria Rita Vilella.

  2. An independent evaluation of Vital Regeneration’s Create + project.
    Summary report: March 2012, by Emma Ahmad and Alice Sampson. 2012.

  3. Evaluation of Drug Prevention Communications Project for Young People
    Brian McDonnell, Sonja Nissen and Alice Sampson - ISBN 1-902494-50-4 (PDF 862KB)

  4. Working with Repeat Users of the Youth Criminal Justice System
    Rosina Knight - ISBN 1-902494-51-2 (PDF 507KB)

  5. Barking and Dagenham’s Children’s Fund: initial research findings 
    Sonja Nissen and Alice Sampson - ISBN 1-902494-52-0 (PDF 593KB)

  6. New Deal for Communities Youth Inclusion Programme: early outcomes in West Ham and Plaistow
    Julia Selman - ISBN 1-902494-53-9 (PDF 1.3MB)

  7. Making A Difference: the progress of Haringey Children's Fund programme 2003 - 2005
    Emma Ahmad, Becky Rice & Alice Sampson - ISBN 1-902494-54-7 (PDF 491KB)

  8. Report of the Implementation of Fight For Peace in East London, 2007 - 2008
    Rebecca Madgin - ISBN 1-902494-55-5 (PDF 1.4MB)

  9. Summary Report of the Haringey Children's Fund programme, 2001 - 2008 
    Dr. Rebecca Madgin & Alice Sampsom - ISBN 1-902494-56-3 (PDF 1.4MB)

  10. Progress of the Haringey Participation Project 
    Alice Sampson and Julia Selman-Ayetey - ISBN 1-902494-57-1 (PDF 504KB)

  11. Barking & Dagenham Children's Fund: Early Outcomes Report
    Sonja Nissen, Becky Rice, Alice Sampson & Julia Selman - ISBN 1-902494-58-X (PDF 1,251KB)

  12. The Fight for Peace Academy UK: An Independent Assessment 
    Alice Sampson - ISBN ISBN 1-902494-59-8 (PDF 5.60MB)

  13. Creating and maintaining a healthy Stratford City: Principles and practices for success 
    Alice Sampson, Angela Harden, Allan Brimicombe, Marcello Bertotti, Shahana Lais, Gail
    Barrow-Guevera, Ilona Boniwell, Hipolina Joseph, Kevin Sheridan, Faye Adams-Eaton, Patrick Tobi, Yang Li
    - ISBN ISBN 1-902494-60-1 (PDF 13,112KB)