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Members, graduate students and associated UEL centres


PhD Students

  • Phoebe Beedell:  Researching NGO narratives in Bangladesh
  • Michelle Harewood: Narratives of power and the privilege of being British Caribbean
  • Bayan Karimi: The (gendered) experiences of Kurdish women activists in Kurdish Movement(s) in Iran - 1979 -1999.
  • Erica Masserano: Researching place and identity in non-fiction by Londoners through creative practice
  • Sanny Mulubale:  Research stories of HIV therapeutic citizenship in Zambia
  • Douglas Omenda: Getting real about the real causes of youth poverty and conflict in Kenya: which way for NGOs
  • Rebekah Pink-Hayes: Intersectional Inequalities, Disability and Human Wellbeing: Applying Narrative Approaches to the Case of NGOs Working with People with Disabilities in Ghana
  • Steve Thorpe: Inter-generational dynamics in protracted urban exile – Sudanese refugees in Cairo
  • Masiha Vaala: Sites, Places and Spaces in Re(imaging): Iranian Youth and Traumas of the Past.

Completed Doctorates

  • Ali Ali: The determinants of migration decisions amongst Iraqi refugees
  • Ruth Ballardie: ‘Making gender trouble-tomboys and their sisters’ (external student, Monash University, Australia)
  • Marvelle Brown: Narratives of BME cancer patients, (external student, Thames Valley University) 
  • Ellis Chasan: A psychosocial approach to the failure of love in contemporary culture
  • Kathleen Coppens: Back home? Social integration and coping with trauma in former child soldiers in Northern Uganda (jointly supervised with Vrije Universiteit Brussels)
  • David Cudworth: Negotiations of power and resistance: an exploration of educational places and practices with particular attention to the learning and teaching of gypsies/travellers
  • Cigdem Esin: Construction of sexuality in the narratives of well-educated young women in Turkey
  • Mastoureh Fathi: Class narratives of Iranian women migrants in Britain
  • Galit Ferguson: Fixing the family: the psycho-politics and mediation of help
  • Sharon Gallagher: The bio-political and psychocultural uncertainties of chronic fatigue syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME): ways of living with severe illness through narrative.
  • Solveigh Goett: Linking threads of experience and lines of thought: everyday textiles in the narration of the self
  • Eleni Kasapi: Rethinking humorous advertising in a global setting: advertising practitioners' and audiences' views
  • Crispen Karanda: (Aberdeen University) Narratives of Zimbabwean construction industry workers
  • Mary Lodato: Institutional abuse in Ireland: survival, redress and recovery 
  • Gudrun Loehrer: Cinematic governmentality: a cultural history of tuberculosis and malaria health films in the United States of the 1940s
  • Rónán MacDubhghaill: Cultural memory in the present: narrative, discourse, power
  • Kathleen Manion: Voices of the unheard: perceptions of the success of interventions with commercially sexually exploited girls in three countries
  • Mvikeli Ncube: Exploring the narrated experiences of identical twins
  • Siyanda Ndlovu: Narratives of blackness: questioning boundaries of time and space
  • Chrysanthi Nigianni: Rethinking 'queer': a film-philosophy project
  • Maria Papadima: Debates on child sexual abuse and trauma: examining the meaning of 'victim', blame and responsibility
  • Denise Proudfoot: Narratives of HIV positive women in Ireland (with University of Bath)
  • Desiree Saddik: Narratives of expert witnesses (with University of Essex)
  • Mary Sutton: Sanctuary, support and solidarity: refugees’ experiences with church communities 
  • Sally Sales: Open adoption: controversy, conflict & contradiction
  • Nicola Samson: Narratives of belonging: life histories of women in East London post Second World War
  • Linda Sandino: Making concordance: encounters with narrative research and oral history in the visual arts
  • Fernando Stratico: (at UCE and UEL): Identity in artists' autobiographical narratives
  • Helen Taylor: The view from here: Cypriot refugees and the meaning of home in the metropolitan context of London
  • Anthea Williams: Priests in the making or priests already? Life stories of candidates for ordination in the Church of England
  • Candida Yates: Masculine jealousy on film
  • Diana Yeh: Re-imagining (British)-Chineseness: the politics and poetics of art and migration in diaspora space.
  • Tahir Zaman: The noble sanctuary: interpreting Islamic traditions of asylum in the contemporary world