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Members, graduate students and associated UEL centres


Robert Ahearne, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Gargi Bhattacharyya, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Charlotte Burck, Tavistock Centre

Sarahleigh Castelyn, School of Arts and Digital Industries

Maria Castro Romero, School of Psychology

Giorgia Dona, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Jo Finch, Cass School of Education and Communities

David Harper, School of Psychology

Terri Kim, Cass School of Education and Communities

Trudy Klauber, Tavistock Centre

Maja Korac, Department of Social Sciences of Social Work

John Launer, Tavistock Centre

Simon Lynn, Cass School of Education and Communities

Sonny Nwankwo, Royal Docks Business School

Michael Rustin, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Maria Tamboukou, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Ian Tucker, School of Psychology

Angie Voela, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Nick Wood, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work 

Bernadette Wren, Tavistock Centre
Katie Wright, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work
Biddy Youell, Tavistock Centre
Nira Yuval-Davis, Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Phil Cohen, Department of Social Sciences Professor Emeritus

PhD Students

Phoebe Beedell:  Researching NGO narratives in Bangladesh

Michelle Harewood: Narratives of power and the privilege of being British Caribbean

Bayan Karimi: The (gendered) experiences of Kurdish women activists in Kurdish Movement(s) in Iran-1979-1999.

Erica Masserano: Researching place and identity in non-fiction by Londoners through creative practice

Sanny Mulubale:  Research stories of HIV therapeutic citizenship in Zambia

Douglas Omenda: Getting real about the real causes of youth poverty and conflict in Kenya: which way for NGOs

Rebekah Pink-Hayes: Intersectional Inequalities, Disability and Human Wellbeing: Applying Narrative Approaches to the Case of NGOs Working with People with Disabilities in Ghana

Steve Thorpe: Inter-generational dynamics in protracted urban exile – Sudanese refugees in Cairo

Masiha Vaala: Sites, Places and Spaces in Re(imaging): Iranian Youth and Traumas of the Past.

Completed Doctorates

Ali Ali:
The determinants of migration decisions amongst Iraqi refugees

Ruth Ballardie: ‘Making gender trouble-tomboys and their sisters’ ( external student, Monash University, Australia)

Marvelle Brown: Narratives of BME cancer patients, (external student, Thames Valley University) 

Ellis Chasan: A psychosocial approach to the failure of love in contemporary culture

Kathleen Coppens: Back home? Social integration and coping with trauma in former child soldiers in Northern Uganda (jointly supervised with Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

David Cudworth: Negotiations of power and resistance: an exploration of educational places and practices with particular attention to the learning and teaching of gypsies/travellers

Cigdem Esin: Construction of sexuality in the narratives of well-educated young women in Turkey.

Mastoureh Fathi: Class narratives of Iranian women migrants in Britain

Galit Ferguson: Fixing the family: the psycho-politics and mediation of help

Sharon Gallagher: The bio-political and psychocultural uncertainties of chronic fatigue syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME): ways of living with severe illness through narrative.

Solveigh Goett: Linking threads of experience and lines of thought: everyday textiles in the narration of the self

Eleni Kasapi: Rethinking humorous advertising in a global setting: advertising practitioners' and audiences' views

Crispen Karanda: (Aberdeen University) Narratives of Zimbabwean construction industry workers

Mary Lodato: Institutional abuse in Ireland: survival, redress and recovery 

Gudrun Loehrer: Cinematic governmentality: a cultural history of tuberculosis and malaria health films in the United States of the 1940s

Rónán MacDubhghaill: Cultural memory in the present: narrative, discourse, power

Kathleen Manion: Voices of the unheard: perceptions of the success of interventions with commercially sexually exploited girls in three countries

Mvikeli Ncube: Exploring the narrated experiences of identical twins

Siyanda Ndlovu: Narratives of blackness: questioning boundaries of time and space

Chrysanthi Nigianni: Rethinking 'queer': a film-philosophy project

Maria Papadima: Debates on child sexual abuse and trauma: examining the meaning of 'victim', blame and responsibility

Denise Proudfoot: Narratives of HIV positive women in Ireland (with University of Bath)

Desiree Saddik: Narratives of expert witnesses (with University of Essex)

Mary Sutton: Sanctuary, support and solidarity: refugees’ experiences with church communities 

Sally Sales: Open adoption: controversy, conflict & contradiction

Nicola Samson: Narratives of belonging: life histories of women in East London post Second World War

Linda Sandino: Making concordance: encounters with narrative research and oral history in the visual arts

Fernando Stratico: (at UCE and UEL): Identity in artists' autobiographical narratives

Helen Taylor: The view from here: Cypriot refugees and the meaning of home in the metropolitan context of London

Anthea Williams-Priests in the making or priests already? Life stories of candidates for ordination in the Church of England

Candida Yates: Masculine jealousy on film

Diana Yeh: Re-imagining (British)-Chineseness: the politics and poetics of art and migration in diaspora space.

Tahir Zaman: The noble sanctuary: interpreting Islamic traditions of asylum in the contemporary world

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