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Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise (CIME)

business management

What we do

Our vision
The Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise is a research and development Centre, that has been created by the School of Business and Law with the support of Martin Slark and Molex Inc. Its vision is to achieve and sustain globally recognised thought leadership in these two important areas.

Pre-enterprise Development
The Centre aims to support all students and members of the wider community who are keen to explore their innate enterprise skills, through monthly workshop run by Consensio. These enable participants to explore opportunities, network with fellow students and identify suitable business ideas for further development.

Business Start-up Support
At CIME we use the enterprise passport (ENTPASS) model which has been developed over the past two years with a number of partners.

Business Development
The Centre supports a wide cross-section of businesses in the RDBS community, including potential entrepreneurs and student start-ups. We also offer students a number of opportunities to participate in programmes to enhance their professional skills and networks and join Consensio projects.

Opportunity Farm
This provides regular postings of CIME opportunities for developing project based skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, professional networking and client liaison assignments. For more information contact Sunitha Narendran (

Funding and Finance

The Centre helps enterprising students to develop their ability to seek funding through a wide range of funding options, including business start-up loans, grants and other internal and external sources.

International Development
CIME engages extensively with international networks and pursues a wide cross-section of projects and programmes. If you, your institution or network wish to engage with CIME, please contact Sunitha Narendran (

Global Scholars
The global scholars programme is an important complement for the RDBS programmes, in 2011/12 students visited partners in India and Kenya, this year the Centre will expand its international network through this programme to ensure that its international partnerships receive a boost from students visiting and expanding their impact and supporting sustainability for partners and the Global scholars programme. In the new academic year a number of potential projects have been identified across BRICS and beyond to enhance the linkages forged through the 2012 International Summer School and other existing links. 

MOBIvation Intrapreneurs Nexus (MIN)
This Nexus works with the Centre and the RDBS employability manager to promote the interface between the classroom, workshops and the world of work. This nexus allows students to build their professional networks and creates opportunities for student intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. The MIN team works to create a robust and vibrant structure to support the Centre and RDBS students; this will include using SIMVENTURE to create an applied business simulation context. Mentors on the MIN programme are drawn from many different industries allowing students to find a niche around which to build their intrapreneurship experience and professional skills. Presently, the MIN team is mapping the activities to ABP’s diploma in Strategic Intrapreneurship which will allow mentors to complete the award through their participation on the MIN programme. The MIN team will also run a SIMVENTURE competition in the community in 2013. Through the MIN structure a pilot group (15) of RDBS students is being trained in becoming Financial Traders, using the Bloomberg Suite, this programme will eventually lead to the ABP Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading.


Centre will operate through a series of R&D teams to bridge research theory and providing and implementing workable solutions. This will widen the Centre’s scope for funding applications, building partnership networks. The teams will undertake research, develop and pilot solutions and explore options for replication. There are number of groups in operation at present, and there is scope for new groups and partners are welcome to suggest and/or establish groups under the Centre’s umbrella.
  • Consensio
  • Applied financial trading
  • Youth employability
  • Social enterprise development
  • Mentor PG certificate
The School of Business and Law is committed to expanding its research impact. The Centre will operate through a series of research and development teams to bridge research theory and provide and implement workable solutions. This will widen the Centre’s scope for funding applications and building partnership networks. The teams will undertake research, develop and pilot solutions and explore options that can be replicated. There are currently a number of groups in operation and new groups and partners are welcome to suggest and/or establish groups under the Centre’s umbrella.

Existing groups include:
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • The built environment
  • International trade and logistics
  • Enterprise development
  • Valuing cultural heritage
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems

The School of Business and Law is driving force in the Zero Impact Cultural Heritage Event Network (ZEN) project, a major international initiative with 12 partners in ten European countries and funding from the INTERREG IVC Programme (European Regional Development Fund).

CIME has a number of skilled resources that can be accessed through partnership and co-operative routes. If your organisation wishes to become a partner or explore options please contact Sunitha Narendran (

Community and partners

CIME is fully committed to advancing innovation and enterprise at all levels in the community. We have a number of projects that are active, with many more in development. We have designed a project development methodology that supports relationship development, opens dialogue with suitable partners and supports funding proposals.

If your organisation has an idea for a new project, or wish to work with CIME please contact Sunitha Narendran ( to explore options in research or project development.

CIME we recognise and value partnerships and are motivated by the saying that “alone you can go fast but together we can go further”. By working with a wide range of local, national and international partnerships, we are able to extend our reach and impact, learn from our partners and support initiatives that promote the ethos of innovation and enterprise. CIME actively seeks robust partnerships and if you, or your organisation, wish to pursue a partnership please contact Sunitha Narendran (