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See your future in a different light

What will you do when you graduate? You'll have a lot of options to consider when you finish your degree, but it doesn't have to end there. Study a postgraduate course at UEL and enjoy all the benefits of staying in education.

  • Specialise
    If you enjoyed your undergraduate course and are passionate about the subject you study, why not get to know it better and deepen your knowledge?
  • Postgraduates typically earn £200,000 more over their working life, averaging an extra £5,500 each year (Sutton Trust). An additional degree gives you a real advantage in the job market and helps you get the roles that might otherwise be out of reach.
  • Alumni discount
    If you go on to study a postgraduate course at UEL after completing your first degree here, you'll receive a 15% discount on fees. To make education even more accessible, you can also take out postgraduate loans of up to £10,000 and apply for one of UEL's Postgraduate Scholarships, offering a further 50% discount on tuition fees.
  • Stay at UEL
    You've already spent a few years here, getting to know your tutors, your friends and your home from home. Take a postgraduate course and you'll stay a part of the UEL community, while meeting new people and new challenges along the way.

Don't take our word for it... 

PhD student Daniel Ranson stayed at UEL after his undergraduate degree and found postgraduate study was financially viable, academically rewarding and great for his career. Hear his story below.

Choose from a wide range of subjects

We offer postgraduate courses in everything from Art to Accounting. Staying at UEL gives you the chance to become an expert in your subject, specialise in a specific field, or convert to a completely new discipline.