Italia Conti

Based in London, Italia Conti is one of the leading performing arts institutions in the UK.

Over more than 100 years Italia Conti has developed an outstanding international reputation for training in a wide variety of arts disciplines, helping students to succeed in their chosen professions.

The University of East London is proud to play a role in supporting this excellent work.

Italia Conti and Performing Arts and Musical Theatre

Courses offered in partnership with Italia Conti and UEL

  • Cert HE Introduction to Acting 
  • Cert HE Musical Theatre
  • BA (Hons) Acting
  • BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
  • BA (Hons) Professional Arts Practice (Top-up) 
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How do I register for the courses?

Italia Conti applicants must apply through UCAS.

Once applicants have submitted the application they will receive an email from the university with a link to complete the application and audition fee payment (£45).

Are the courses recognised?

All the courses are accredited by the UEL Academic Board.

What support does UEL provide for the students?

You will avail full support from UEL and Italia Conti during and after your studies just like any other student on board at UEL.

You will get access to selected online resources, career and academic guidance, status updates at both campuses, and many more.