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The ENE project will support a minimum of 400 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises within the programme as direct beneficiaries. We will aim our support towards: 

  • Business facility owners and energy users that need support to reduce energy consumption and generate renewable energy
  • Start-ups, including community groups and social enterprises, that require assistance to develop renewable energy and low carbon building and retrofit projects
  • Non-Low Carbon Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) businesses with the potential to diversify into the LCEGS sector and adopt low to zero carbon practices
  • The low carbon supply chain
  • Innovators that require support to develop innovative LCEGS goods and services

Thanks to the funding we receive all support services and workshops provided by the project are free of charge, as we are here to help businesses succeed and grow the local, low carbon economy across the East of England.

This FREE support is open to SMEs where:

  • You are engaged in economic activity in England
  • Other organisations own less than 25% of the shares or voting rights of your organisation and your organisation owns less than 25% of the shares or voting rights of another organisation. If this isn't the case, you are 'linked' to one or more organisations, but we should still be able to help you if 2-5 are TRUE
  • For the last three years, your organisation plus any 'linked' organisations have employed fewer than 250 FTE staff and have either a) an annual turnover not exceeding £40 million or b) an annual balance sheet total not exceeding £35 million
  • In the past three years, your organisation plus any 'linked' organisations have received less than £178,000 (€200,000) worth of publicly funded assistance (for example, support, grants or reliefs)
  • Your main business activity is not fisheries or aquaculture, agriculture or the processing of agricultural products, coal, steel, shipbuilding, synthetic fibres, banking, insurance, healthcare or school age education services.

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