The Information and Research Hub has been established in conjunction with the UEL Online Learning Initiative (OLIve) to act as an accessible online hub for refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK who are interested in accessing training and further details in relation to seeking higher education within the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide online access to free and provide peer reviewed; current and relevant materials for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers looking for reliable and detailed information on accessing higher education opportunities.


Resources on the Information and Research for Refugees and Asylum Seekers can be utilised as a first stop Resource Centre for refugees and asylum seekers interested in learning more about accessing the UK Higher Education system and also where to find free-to-access academic resources. Materials will be divided into the following sections and please follow the links to access the relevant information.

Examples of the kind of materials the portal may include are a directory of Open Access Journal and free to access academics resources for refugees; details of Higher Education Scholarships and Funding opportunities; News; and training resources (e.g. English Language). We also hope this will act as a space to bring current higher education students and refugees together as a hub to exchange knowledge, experience, narratives and information. The portal will also aim to bring together teaching resources utilised as part of the Olive programme to enable refugees to be able to continue to access these resources once they have attended the workshops. The development of this additional facility (the research hub) will help strengthen and deepen UEL as an institution with string academic and resource capacities in the area of refugee and force displacement and civic engagement more generally.

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