As part of the OLIve initiative, we applied to the University of East London (UEL) New Scholars and Civic Engagement Fund for additional funding to help support the ongoing success of the OLIve Course.  In order to achieve this success, UEL student volunteers have a very big part to play.  If you are interested in volunteering and contributing towards our OLIve Course, please download the further details on Information for OLive Volunteers.  You may also contact Aura Lounasmaa and Paul Dudman for further information.

Supporting Refugees into Higher Education: A Research Hub for London

Our first successful Civic Engagement bid for OLive was to help create the online Information Hub and to facilitate engagement of UEL students at all levels in the undertaking of the project. Our successful application was entitled, “Supporting Refugees into Higher Education: A Research Hub for London”, and is being led by Dr Aura Lounasmaa, lecturer in the UEL School of Education and Communities and Paul Dudman, the archivist responsible for the Refugee Council Archive at UEL.

The aim of this project was to support the OLIve Initiative to start a refugee access to HE programme within UEL. The University is currently partnering in an Erasmus+ funded programme with the Central European University in Budapest and others to provide access to higher education for refugees and asylum seekers. This includes a series of five courses of 10-week Saturday workshops, beginning in April 2017. The aim of this project first and foremost will be to create an online Research Hub in London for refugees and migrants. This will act as an online hub for refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK and provide peer reviewed, current and relevant materials for refugees and asylum seekers who wish to seek higher education opportunities within the UK.

Further details of UEL’s Civic Engagement Programme can be found on the Civic Engagement page.