Seminar One

On Monday 7 December 2015 Maggie Tierney, Secretary to Scotland's Commission on Childcare Reform, gave a presentation on the Commission's June 2015 report 'Meeting Scotland's Childcare Challenges'. Established by Children in Scotland, with the support of the Scottish Council for Development & Industry (SCDI), the Commission engaged with a wide variety of stakeholders in the process of understanding different perspectives on the provision and funding of accessible, affordable and high quality early childhood services for all Scottish children. A key part of its long-term vision was the proposal that every child up to the age of 12 (and in some cases beyond 12) should be entitled to up to 50 hours of high-quality childcare and education per week throughout the year. Maggie Tierney’s presentation was entitled: 'The 2014/16 Commission for Childcare Reform Scotland - Its vision and proposals'.

Her presentation can be found here.