Academic Staff

  • Dr Paolo Falcarin (Head of Group): Software Engineering, Software Protection
  • Dr Ameer al Nemrat: Information security and forensics
  • Dr Shareeful Islam: Security requirements, Risk management
  • Dr Bilyaminu Auwal Romo: Blockchain, Software Evolution
  • Dr Umar Mukhtar Ismail: Cloud security

PhD Students

  • Ahmed A. Alwan: Data Quality management in Cyber-Physical Systems  
  • Mohammed Alwaheidi: A Data-Driven Threat Modelling Language for Ensuring Cyber Security Assurance
  • Raghavender Rao Jadhav Balaji: Malicious Web Ads 
  • Mr Adrian Ford: The impact of Security breaches on company market value
  • Christopher Moore: Honeypots
  • Mahin Talukder: Software Protection metrics
  • Halima Ibrahim Kure: Risk Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Sheikh Md Gazi:  Cyber Resilience

Collaborators from other groups

Former Members (Software Systems Engineering Group)

Some of our former colleagues have moved to other British institutions: Haris Mouratidis (University of Brighton) Cornelia Boldyreff,  (University of Greenwich), Abdel Rahman Tawil (Birmingham City University), Sanjay Bhattacherjee (University of Kent), John Noll (University of Hertfordshire).

Others moved to universities overseas: Andrea Capiluppi (Groningen University, Netherlands), Gaofeng Zhang (Hefei City University, China), Elena Gomez-Martinez, (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Christophe Tartary (Saarland University, Germany).

Others moved to industry: Andres Baravalle (Akamai Technologies, UK), Alessandro Cabutto (WeconStudio, Italy)

Other visiting members moved to industry:  José Armando Ordóñez (COLCIENCIAS, Colombia), Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar (Bitergia, Spain).