Externally funded projects:

Date Sponsor Title Funding Investigators

2021 - 2023


Royal Academy of Engineering


Engineering X Transforming Systems through Partnership




Dr Arya Assadi-Langroudi (PI)


2020 -  23


Kansai University, Japan


Integration of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation for SDGs




Dr Ravindra Jayaratne (Co-I)


2019 -  21


Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation


Relationship between beach profile evolution and sediment mixing depth: Laboratory and mathematical modelling




Dr Ravindra Jayaratne (PI)


2018 - 21


Natural Environment Research Council


Compound flooding from tropical cyclone-induced sea surge and precipitation in Sri Lanka (C-FLOOD)




Dr Ravindra Jayaratne (Co-I)



Solar Decathalon Europe


Solar Decathalon Europe 2019



Dr Arman Hashemi (Co-I)



Newton Fund


Royal Society-DST-NRF Fellowship (SAFE 2)


Dr Arya Assadi-Langroudi (PI)


2016 - 2019


British Council – Newton Institutional Links Fund


Building Capacity for Sustainable Development of the Built Environment (http://newton-sdbe.co.uk/)




Dr. Heba Elsharkawy (PI)

Prof. Hassan Abdalla (Co-PI)

2015 - 2016


EU Commission

EACEA Action 2 Lot 16b (SAFE)  



Dr Arya Assadi-Langroudi (PI)




University of Brighton


Energy Efficient Healthy Homes

19.5K   Dr Arman Hashemi (PI)

2013 - 14



Energy and Low Income Tropical Housing



 Dr Arman Hashemi (RA)





Mitigating risks of condensation, dampness, and mould growth in renovated properties


Dr Arman Hashemi (PI)

2009 - 2011


Innovate UK

Automated Thermal Shutter System




Dr Arman Hashemi (RA)