When and where

When: 23-24 March 2017

Where: ARUP, 8-13 Fitzroy St, London W1T 4BQ

Keynote speakers

  • Prof Richard Coyne
  • Prof Deborah Hauptmann
  • Prof Constantinos Daskalakis
  • Prof Jan Wiener

Conference led by: Dr Anastasia Karandinou

Scientific committee: Prof Hassan Abdalla, Dr Aghlab Al-Attili, Alan Chandler, Prof Cherif Amor, Dr Satish Basavapatna Kumaraswamy, Barbara Bochnak, Dr Julien Castet, Nefeli Chatzimina, Prof Ruth Conroy Dalton, Dr Heba Elsharkawy, Prof Ozlem Erkarslan, Prof David Fortin, Ruairi Glynn, Dr Vangelis Lympouridis, Dr Kat Martindale, Prof Rosa Mentosa, Prof Panos Parthenios, Dr Kerstin Sailer, Maria Segantini, Dr Sally Shahzad, Dr Bridget Snaith, Dr Renee Tobe, Prof Duncan Turner, Dr Louise Turner.

Conference theme

The notion of data is increasingly encountered in spatial, creative and cultural studies. Big data and artificial intelligence are significantly influencing a number of disciplines.  Processes, methods and vocabularies from sciences, architecture, arts are borrowed, discussed and tweaked, and new cross-disciplinary fields emerge.  More and more, artists and designers are drawing on hard data to interpret the world and to create meaningful, sensuous environments. Architects are using neurophysiological data to improve their understanding of people's experiences in built spaces. Different disciplines collaborate with scientists to visualise data in different and creative ways, revealing new connections, interpretations and readings. This often demonstrates a genuine desire to comprehend human behaviour and experience and to - possibly - inform design processes accordingly. At the same time, this opens up questions as to why this desire and curiosity is emerging now, how it relates to recent technological advances and how it converses with the cultural, philosophical and methodological context of the disciplines with which it engages. Questions are also raised as to how the use of data and data-informed methods may serve, support, promote and/or challenge political agendas.

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