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Emergent architectures of form and space - the CECA philosophy.

The principle of self organisation is fundamental to our new understanding of morphology and structure in nature.

 We think it can only be properly taught, understood, and explored through a thorough grounding in the mechanisms of feedback in systems, parallel simulation and basic ideas in Artificial Life developed by zoologists, biologists and computer scientists.

To become truly creative in the development of these ideas we need to engage with the machine at a more profound level than buying the latest software. Building generative and evolutionary models is the best way of understanding them in nature and exploring their uses in architecture.

This is why at CECA we have always insisted on teaching our students the basics of scripting in CAD, and through it to investigate the use of emergent algorithms and their effects in architecture.

Paul Coates/Christian Derix 
Spring 2007



  • Prof Hassan Abdalla (Head of Group)
  • Paul Coates (Senior Lecturer: UEL / AVA)
  • Robert Thum (Senior Lecturer)
  • Christan Derix (Senior Lecturer (CV))

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General enquiries to the Centre for Evolutionary Computing in Architecture can be made to:

Professor Hassan Abdalla

Tel: +44 20 8223 2523
Email: h.s.abdalla@uel.ac.uk

Centre for Evolutionary Computing in Architecture
School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
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CECA research delves into the fields of artificial neutral networks, architecture and computational perception.

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