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The Institute aims to be a pre-eminent think tank with the goals of making governance and policy-making more inclusive and open to a broad coalition of stakeholders.

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We produce and provide wide-ranging research, reports, CPD, consultations and public policy briefings to help inform, influence, impact and educate the ongoing debates across key topical issues currently facing the UK. 

We offer an independent environment in which leading practitioners and decision-makers can collaborate and exchange ideas across the public policy divide.

We aspire to be the most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate source of political and public policy intelligence and education. Through our values of impartiality and integrity, and our knowledge and experience we aim to be the point of contact and reference for anyone looking to thoroughly understand and engage with government and public policy.

IGPP's Key Objectives

The objectives of the Institute are in line UEL's Vision 2028 and encompasses all four strategic pillars of Future Life, Future Professional, Future Graduate and Sustainability. The Institute's objectives are:

  • To increase and broaden engagement with communities, businesses and other external stakeholders through research, knowledge exchange and enterprise activities and to ensure that our findings inform public policy leading to more impactful and inclusive outcomes. 
  • To ensure, through a diversity of platforms, that there is increased opportunity for wide-ranging participation across stakeholders on issues that impact the economic, social and cultural aspects of their lives and livelihoods. 
  • To enhance the visibility and reputation of UEL's research and enterprise activities and to be an integral part of the communities we serve.

Key Activities

Research, Reports, Consultations, Events and CPD 

Key to our methodology is the integration of all our activity.

Our research, reports and consultations are produced by experienced academics and are based on the principle of mutual engagement and understanding and through the exchange of ideas. By embracing numerous different perspectives in the spirit of openness and engagement, outcomes will become more effective and representative of the issues at hand. 

Our extensive range of CPD and events provide practitioners up and down the country with the opportunities to be upskilled, informed, educated and more effective in their roles. They support all of our other activity and present opportunities for experts to share ideas and best practice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading institute that is able to influence and inform public policy through ongoing and impactful research and knowledge exchange and enterprise. 

Our partners and members benefit from an ever-increasing, collaborative, vibrant and inclusive network that benefits our partners and members. 

Through ongoing engagement, our ethos is based on sharing knowledge and experience and bring best practice to the fore through ongoing engagement that will subsequently benefit the public policymaking process.

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on government and public policy and on how it impacts on all those it affects. Our belief is that the most productive and positive outcomes can only be delivered through enhancing knowledge, disseminating excellence, collaboration and ongoing discussions.

Our Mission

  • Ensure that more voices and opinions are being heard and positively impacting the evolving public policy agenda
  • Helping our partners and members to inform and influence key debates and be central to decision-making processes
  • Deliver maximum impact in our research and knowledge exchange output for all stakeholders who choose to engage with us


With this in mind, we have identified four main areas where we can support our partners, members and other stakeholders:

Policy and Influence

  • Provide our stakeholders with a gateway to public policy influence.
  • Provide information, advice and guidance on latest thinking and information.
  • Sector-specific engagement and representation. 
  • Thought leadership.

Research and Innovation Growth

  • Use our research expertise to organise events, workshops, seminars and to produce research output that addresses and impacts the issues affecting the local and global communities that we engage with.
  • To encourage innovation growth and sustainability through research and knowledge exchange and enterprise activities. Open and transparent expertise available to provide awareness and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement. 

Professional Development

  • CPD workshops, masterclasses and events to maintain sector knowledge.
  • Customised training to meet specific organisational need.
  • Participating in communities of interest.
  • Sharing good practice, experiences and expertise to help our partners and members stay professionally competent.

Peer to Peer Support

  • Numerous platforms to help inform, influence and network.
  • Regular engagement to enable sharing of best practice. 

Our Director

Dr Shampa Roy-Mukherjee is an associate professor in economics and the Director of Impact & Innovation (DII) at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law (RDSBL), University of East London. She has published widely in the areas of applied macro and monetary economics, development economics, political economy and applied econometrics.

Shampa is the co-chair of the School Athena SWAN committee and the Equality and Diversity Committee. Shampa received a PhD in Economics from the University of Birmingham and worked at the American University in Cairo as an assistant professor in economics, before joining the University of East London.

Shampa Roy-Mukherjee

Our Principles

  • Continuously look to innovate and shape public policy through staying at the forefront of the ongoing debates and discussions. 
  • Ensure that the Institute remains trusted and independent.
  • Use the knowledge, advice and expertise from our experts and stakeholders to keep moving forward and ensure that we are central to the key sectoral debates and decisions across government. 
  • Attract, nurture, and develop the very best talent. 
  • Choose our partners carefully; collaboration will be at the heart of our success. 

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a range of sponsorship and corporate partnership opportunities across our events and workshops. We provide the platform for you to showcase your brand in front of wide-ranging decision-makers from the public and voluntary sectors, ensuring your business is positioned at the forefront of the hearts and minds of leaders operating throughout the UK. 
Position yourself as the leader amongst your competitors and reap the benefits of having access to develop key relationships with strategically positioned decision-makers. 

Please get in touch at info@igpp.org.uk if you are interested in sponsoring any of our events and we will contact you to discuss this further.

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