About us

The Mediation Hub is a knowledge platform that aims to share resources and good practice on mediation, within the University and for the wider community. 

As of May 2020, our co-directors are John Paul Hayes and Catherine Hobby. Our members form our Steering Committee; the Committee advises on all aspects of the Hub. 

We are currently comprised of X staff mediators, coming from several areas of the University. All of our mediators are .... accredited, and are regularly updated with the latest training. 

The Hub has also incorporated the Mediation Service, previously provided by HR. The Service offers mediation and conflict management assistance to University staff, who have experienced work-based conflict. Currently, the Mediation Service has successfully mediated X cases. 

Meet the team

Catherine Hobby

Catherine Hobby LLB LLM MSc Solicitor (non-practising) FHEA. Catherine Hobby is a Senior Lecturer in Law specialising in Human Rights and Workplace Conflict. She is the co-director of the Mediation Hub at the University of East London.

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John Paul Hayes

John Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Responsible Management at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law. He teaches strategy, innovation, partnership-working, business simulations, and supervises research projects from BSc to MSc and MBA level.

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Nina Harding

Nina Harding is a Learning & Development Officer for HR Services, and is the Mediation Coordinator for our Mediation Service.

Rebecca Page-Tickell

Rebecca Page-Tickell is the Director for Education & Experience for the Royal Docks School of Business & Law and senior lecturer in work-based learning at the University of East London. Also, a principal practitioner with the Association for Business Psychology.

Elizabeth Stokes

Elizabeth Stokes is a Senior Lecturer in Law specialising in Criminal Law, Human Rights, Mental Health & Criminal Justice. She is also a workplace mediator.

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What we do

The Centre for Mediation for Mediation and Conflict Management (CMCM) is a platform for sharing knowledge and good practices of mediation, within the University and for the wider community.

The long term aims include:

  • Setting up a Student Mediation Service, for student-student disputes. This Service would also aim to give students the opportunity to participate in, and potentially receive training on mediation.
  • Offering Community Outreach mediation to local residents. This may be limited to workplace mediation, or may include other types such as family mediation.
  • Conducting academic research on mediation practices.

UEL also has a Mediation Service, dedicated to offering mediation and conflict resolution to University staff disputes. Currently, this is offered through UEL Human Resources.

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Our location

We are based at University Square Stratford.

Centre for Mediation and Conflict Management Resources

The Mediation Hub has created a few resources to provide guidance on how to move online and navigate a virtual mediation, designed specifically for mediators.

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