There are numerous ways to get involved with CHRC. We encourage all interested people to explore how they can best support and engage in our programmes and projects. We welcome proposals for PhD research.

UEL students are welcome to visit the library of the CHRC which benefits from a collection of books on human rights and conflict. UEL students are invited to do independent research papers on topics suggested by the members of CHRC.

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    Attend the CHRC Seminars

    Attend the CHRC Seminars

    The CHRC promotes the study of human rights norms and institutions, especially in conflict and post-conflict situations, and facilitates human rights training for policy-makers, students and the civil society actors.

    The CHRC holds a series of seminars throughout the year. The seminars feature established human rights and international law experts and academics and range from panels and workshops to conferences.

    Volunteer or Intern

    Periodically, the CHRC will offer internship and volunteer opportunities. To see what opportunities may be available and for instructions on how to submit an application, please email