Journal of Impact Cultures: Volume 1, Issue 1 (Special Edition, May 2020)

Access Volume 1 Issue 1:

Professor Marcia Wilson

University of East London

pp. i-ii.

Francesca Gilbert

Independent Scholar

pp. 1-21

Julie Botticello

University of East London

pp. 22-38.

Earle Abrahamson and Jonathan Mann

University of East London

pp. iii-vi.


Journal Of Impact Cultures

The  Journal of Impact Cultures (JIC) is a journal/resource for transforming educational policy and practice. The journal is published by CIRCLE, which is an interdisciplinary research group. The journal and its associated research group is based at the University of East London but operates in collaboration with colleagues from  a number of  universities in the UK and beyond. 

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Instructions For Authors

Journal Of Impact Culture (JIC) Author Submission Guidance And Guidelines

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