Circle (Community For Impactful Research In Connected Learning Experiences)

The Journal of Impact Cultures is published by members of CIRCLE, a research group based at the University of East London.

Who we are

 CIRCLE is a cross-disciplinary community of HE practitioners who share a common interest in achieving better teaching and learning experiences through impactful student-centred scholarship.  

Our aims

We want to foster and promote a sustained culture of co-creation in teaching and learning that starts with students’ needs and ends with institutional transformation. 

What we do

  • Use our research to demonstrate tangible evidence of student-centred best practices in our institution (TEF). 
  • Collaborate with students (TEF). 
  • Establish new, and connect existing international communities of practice via a collaborative writing group (TEF/REF). 
  • Commercialise knowledge exchange (KEF). 
  • Disseminate findings through a scholarly book series (REF). 
  • Publish impactful scholarly outputs of our own (TEF/REF). 
  • Intervene with scholarly debates in teaching and learning via a peer-assessed journal (TEF/REF). 
  • Design and deliver conferences (KEF/TEF). 
  • Influence national and international policy and practices in teaching and learning (TEF). 
  • Use The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a vehicle to connect and align TEF, REF and KEF. 

We will publish new blogs on this page. Check back soon.