Start Date:  May 2010   End Date:  May 2012   Status: Completed

"Everybody on Board" aimed at increasing the participation and improving the health of disadvantaged people in selected neighbourhoods in Rotterdam and London. A comparison was made between the ways Rotterdam and London try to reach and involve "harder-to-reach" target groups when developing and implementing interventions as well as the ways in which effects of interventions on participation and health are monitored.

Four main sub-projects were developed:

  1. Monitoring deprivation examined indices of deprivation in the UK and Netherlands and considered cross-country learning, led in UK by Patrick Tobi.
  2. Creative Factory: it compared two creative enterprise centres; one in London and one in Rotterdam, comparing their structure, local impact and financial sustainability, led in UK by Marcello Bertotti.
  3. Civil Society: it compared one community centre in Rotterdam with one in London to understand more about services to vulnerable elderly people, led in UK by Kevin Sheridan.
  4. Obstetrics / perinatal mortality in Hoogvliet in Rotterdam, with a mirror project in Newham University Hospital in London: The aim of this sub-project was to increase women's access to, and engagement with, the ante-natal care they receive - with particular focus on highly socially disadvantaged and ethnically diverse communities which are likely to contain large numbers of women with complex medical and social needs, led in UK by Angela Harden.


  • For all people involved, an increase in knowledge and experience in the following fields:
  1. Reaching difficult target groups
  2. Developing and implementing interventions together with the target group
  3. Monitoring the effects of interventions together with the target group
  • An increase in knowledge and experience within the knowledge centre with respect to the following:
  1. Measuring and representing disadvantage at the neighbourhood level in general, and disadvantage in the field of participation and health in particular


  • A further successful application for knowledge transfer funding to the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Netherlands Scientific Organisation (NWO).
  • Two international symposia were held in Rotterdam:

- Symposium 1: "Creatively building resilient communities", on the theme of the contribution of the creative sector to building a resilient society. Researchers, policy makers and creative entrepreneurs from London and Holland took part. A symposium DVD was created.

- Symposium 2: "How maternity care develops in a multi-ethnic urban society" looked at obstetrics and perinatal mortality. Participants included researchers from London, Rotterdam and Antwerp (Karel de Grote College and University of Antwerp) and students from the Rotterdam midwifery training. During this symposium the results of Rotterdam and London were presented and compared.

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Project Lead: Kevin Sheridan, Director of Community Engagement, IHHD

Project Team: Kevin Sheridan, Marcello Bertotti, Patrick Tobi, Faye-Adams Eaton, Angela Harden, Bethan Hatherall, Adrian Renton

Funder: SIA-RAAK Internationaal (Stichting Innovatie Alliantie - Regional Attention and Action for Knowledge Circulation) in The Netherlands

Project Partners: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool), The Netherlands

Collaborators included: Kenniscentrum Talentontwikkeling (Rotterdam), de Verloskundige kring Rotterdam-Rijnmond (Obstetrics), buurtontmoetingscentrum Prinsenhof (Community Centre, Rotterdam), woningcorporatie Vestia (Housing Corporation in Rotterdam), de Creative Factory (Rotterdam), the Chocolate Factory (London), Newham University Hospital Trust (Obstetrics), London, The Claremont Community Centre, (London). 


  • Sanneke de la Rie, Patrick Tobi, Frans Spierings, Kevin Sheridan (2013) 'Neighbourhood deprivation monitoring in Rotterdam and London: exploring barriers to evidence-based policy and practice', Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice, 22(2):93-112.
  • Nijkamp J, Bertotti M, Sheridan K, Kuiper, C (2013) 'The art of creativity-led urban regeneration: how creative enterprise centres can contribute to the social and economic development of disadvantaged neighbourhoods.'

For more information, contact: Kevin Sheridan (Director of Community Engagement)

Kevin Sheridan

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