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Fashion students inspire with designs


The fashion showcase presents an opportunity for students to be inspired and celebrate their work

Inspired by their personal experiences and surroundings, students showcased their fashion creations as part of their final year pitch.

The final year pitch promotes the opportunity for staff and students to come together in celebration of the developing work created by fashion students in the 11 weeks that makes up term one.

Beatrice Newman, head of the fashion design department at UEL, said, “The majority of time is spent working, blindly focusing on their own goals. Being able to pull apart an edit of their work in progress enables them to appreciate the work they have put together as well as appreciate the ideas of others and be inspired.

“The final year pitch is a great time for staff to also get a sense of the bigger picture taking shape and reflect on the hard work they have been doing with students.” 

Zandile Ndebele, a fashion design student, explained the concept behind her work. She said, “I am from Zimbabwe but grew up in the UK. I went to Zimbabwe earlier in 2019 and was frustrated by the condition of the economy. My own family have been displaced, having moved to find work.

“The aim of the collection is to start a conversation about my diaspora and think about ways to implement a strategy to diminish the economic crisis.”

Zandile has been inspired by her course and has a heart for education. After graduating, she wants to travel to disadvantaged countries to support those with creative potential and also have her own brand.

The day was also an opportunity for students to present their efforts and achievements to first and second year students, giving them something to aspire to whilst also considering new methodologies and approaches they might not have otherwise thought possible or achievable.

Beatrice added, “The showcase presents an opportunity for students across the fashion cluster to be inspired by each other's work and reflect on their own progression from the first term.”

Overall the event is a great celebration of even bigger things to come, opening doors of opportunity, and the growing achievement of the fashion school at UEL.