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UEL appoints Anulika Ajufo as chair of the Board of Governors

Westminster station

University is moving into a new era of growth 

As of today, board member Anulika Ajufo has been elected the chair of the University of East London Board of Governors. Previous chair Geoff Thompson has been asked to step down following a review of governance practices.

Anulika Ajufo, chair of the Board of Governors, says, “The University has conducted an independent review and found several areas in which we will need to improve our Board of Governors’ processes. The Board will be advancing the way we work to ensure that our governance procedures support our progressive learning environment for our students, staff and partners. 

“As we have now reached a turning point as a Board and as a University, we have asked our previous Chair, Geoff Thompson, to stand down from this role to allow the University to move into a new era of growth. We would like to thank Geoff for his tenure during a transformative period for the University.

“We are focusing on our ten-year Vision to become the UK’s leading careers-intensive University. I look forward to working with the Board of Governors, the University Executive Board and the wider University of East London community in the coming weeks and months to pursue this goal and put the University in a strong position to compete, flourish and thrive.”