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University of East London launches AWS Educate

Bringing cloud computing within every student’s reach

The University of East London is set to launch the first instalment of its ground-breaking collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

From 22 October, every student will receive free access to cloud computing skills through AWS Educate.

The cloud computing initiative comes alive at the University’s Careers Fair when experts from AWS Educate will offer staff and students a preview of the platform and a demonstration of the benefits.

Alongside the tuition – up to 45 hours of self-paced learning – students will receive an exclusive fast-track pathway to interview opportunities for jobs and internships with top technology companies.

With cloud computing listed as the No.1 skill sought by employers on LinkedIn for four years in a row, the free tuition aligns with the University’s goals outlined in its Vision 2028 framework. This wide-ranging strategy aims to prepare students for a world of work that is forever changing and turbo-charged by the digital revolution.

With the endorsement of AWS, foundation cloud courses (Cloud 101 certification) will form part of Mental Wealth modules in all business courses. The Mental Wealth Programme will equip graduates with the skills and resilience to flourish in the digital economy with the competencies being held in a digital Career Passport that potential employers can access.

The University’s School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering will embed Cloud 101 certification into its cloud computing modules and provide its students with access to AWS Academy and AWS Educate professional development courses.

The collaboration with AWS was signed by Professor Amanda Broderick, vice-chancellor and president of the University of East London, and Teresa Carlson, vice president, worldwide public sector at AWS in July.

It will also include the creation of a Career Zone and Innovation Loft at the University; establishment of an industry research institute linked to Cloud technology; and support for the flagship Professional Fitness & Mental Wealth programme.

Professor Broderick said, “I am delighted that students are so quickly enjoying the benefits of our association with AWS. When I signed this agreement, I said that our close relationship would drive innovative ways of learning and increase the employment-preparedness of our graduates.

“This free online tuition, which brings free cloud computing skills within the reach of every student, not only meets that promise but also begins to hint at the potential of the truly transformative collaborations yet to come.”