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UEL PhD candidate wins prestigious psychology prize for the second time

Dung Jidong gets accolades for his research on mental health in Nigeria

By Lee Pinkerton

A University of East London (UEL) PhD candidate has won a prestigious prize at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS) - for the second year in succession.

At the BPS’s conference in Nottingham in May, Dung Jidong won the prize for `Best Poster Presentation’. His poster highlighted the results of his research on "The impact of cultural beliefs on mental health in Nigeria: a qualitative study of the Berom, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba ethnic people". 

Dung’s research on the Yoruba won the same prize at the 2017 BPS annual conference, held in Brighton. At this year’s conference, Dung presented the results of his research with the addition of sub-studies.

Dung, who is from Nigeria, said, “It’s a great honour to receive the BPS Delegates Choice Poster Winner twice in a row for my PhD research.

“I want to particularly thank my supervisory team Professor Rachel Tribe, Dr Poul Rohleder and Dr Aneta Tunariu for their relentless support. I am also grateful for the generous support from the UEL Excellence PhD Studentship and training grant for funding my research and attending conferences. 

“Finally, my gratitude also goes to the London Scholars project where I worked as an interpreter and cultural broker in communities and where the PhD research ideas were conceived in 2015.”