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UEL student recognised by the British Pharmacology Society

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Pharmacology graduate Harry Bowden earns top honours

By Lee Pinkerton

University of East London (UEL) pharmacology graduate Harry Bowden is one of just 14 students in the UK to be awarded a prestigious student prize by the British Pharmacology Society.
University pharmacology departments across the country were invited to nominate a final-year bachelor's or master's degree student for consideration for the £500 BSc Pharmacology Prize, with students being judged on their performance over the final year of their degree. 
To qualify, at least 50 per cent of a student’s final-year modules must have been in pharmacology, and they also must have completed an experimental project in the subject.
Harry, 21, who recently completed a BSc in Pharmacology, was nominated by his project supervisor, Professor Mike Seed.
Professor Seed said, “Harry was an exceptional student, highly engaged, keen, personable, and bright. He was well engaged in the running of the UEL student Pharmacological Society, is a member of the BPS and was a student helper at the Pharmacology 2016 event. I think his work is so strong it stands for itself.”
Harry’s area of interest was Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome (LPHS) - an extremely rare and painful disease of the urogenital system. His research project involved exploring the contribution of abnormal ureter contraction to the pain experienced by LPHS patients.
Harry said, “The whole award experience was very humbling. I was more than happy just to be nominated, but the thought of actually winning this prestigious award had never crossed my mind.”
Harry not only graduated with a first class degree, he was also awarded UEL's Alun Morinan Prize. Dr Alun Morinan was the University's Pharmacology Programme Leader during the 1980s and 1990s. He died in 2011. This prize is awarded each year to a Pharmacology student with the highest degree classification.
Harry said, “Receiving the BPS prize in addition to the Alun Morinan Prize for pharmacology made for a surreal and truly unforgettable graduation. I hope to continue to do UEL and the BPS proud with the boost in confidence they have given me.”
Harry is now actively searching for work experience opportunities related to cancer research and intends to start a PhD in the near future.