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New book by UEL academics examines human rights issues across the world


A new book examining the role of human rights in addressing past injustices was launched at a round table hosted by the University of East London (UEL).

Organised by UEL's Centre on Human Rights in Conflict, the book, Injustice, Memory and Faith in Human Rights, is edited by UEL legal academics Professor John Strawson, Barry Collins, visiting researcher Kalliopi Chainolgou and former UEL law lecturer Michael Philips.

The authors question whether faith in human rights is justified as ‘balm to heal past injustice or whether such faith nourishes both victimhood and self-justification’.

Published by Routledge, the book addresses historic human rights issues in Bangladesh, the ISIS ‘caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria, Irish nationalism, and the Spanish Civil War, among others.

As well as providing a legal perspective, political scientists, anthropologists and political philosophers each offer unique insights into these topics, examining the role of human rights as a legal doctrine, rhetoric, and policy as developed by states, international organisations, regional groups and non-governmental bodies.