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Going Global scheme funds 17 successful projects

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Students share tales of their globe-trotting adventures

By Lee Pinkerton

Staff and students gathered at a ceremony last week to hear about the globe-trotting adventures of nearly 20 University of East London (UEL) students who benefited from this year’s Going Global fund.
UEL's Going Global scheme is designed to help students participate in short, study-related visits to foreign countries. This year’s cohort produced 17 successful projects; students from six of them took to the stage to share their experiences with the assembled audience at the University’s Docklands Campus.

The projects which were presented included six drama students who created a theatre production in Hungary; five animation students who attended the world’s second largest animation festival in Croatia; two computer games development students who entered a game design competition in Denmark and four economics students who learned about sustainability in Sweden. 

As well as presenting power point slide shows or videos about their trips, representatives from the six projects received a certificate from Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Nora Colton. 

Carly Forsaith, UEL’s Study Abroad Coordinator and organiser of the event said, “It was really great to see the impact of the student projects this year. They gave a lot of their free time to prepare for the presentation evening and showed professionalism and dedication. 

“You know these students are going to go far in life and ultimately be successful at everything they undertake, because they are not afraid of hard work and perseverance”.

International Relations student Nadine Connock, who travelled to South Africa through Going Global, said,  “The awards ceremony was a great culmination of the Going Global experience, starting from the application process, through to the time in the field, and then standing on the stage and reliving the lessons learned and the benefits obtained. 

“For me the creation of the presentation provided an opportunity for important reflection. And the chance to be able to see what other students are achieving and how our different fields of study intersect was really valuable.”

Every year UEL spends £50,000 on student-led Going Global projects. Students can go to any country in the world. It’s a competitive process that has been popular with UEL’s students for a number of years. 

If you would like to find out more about Going Global, visit the scheme’s page on the UEL website.