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Social Sciences staff and students host respected US academic 

Professor Cynthia Enloe gives lecture on militarisation in the era of the global refugee crisis 

Social Sciences staff and students at the University of East London (UEL) recently hosted Professor Cynthia Enloe (pictured above) for a lecture on gender and military responses to forced migration. 

Professor Enloe, of Clark University in the United States, discussed her views on how governments and states view and respond to forced migration. 

Some migrants are labelled irregular or illegal, or are perceived as threats by countries not willing to take them in, she said. She discussed how this approach has been justified by a need for the security of states, rather than the security of people.

Professor Enloe said, “I am delighted to have been invited to UEL to speak about this issue to an engaged group of students and academic staff with a long-standing commitment to refugee studies.

“I hope the seminar introduced students to some of my perspectives, and encouraged them to think critically and begin to develop their own views, too.”

Her talk was co-hosted by several research centres and groups, as well as staff and students from UEL’s master’s programmes in Refugee Studies and Conflict, Displacement and Human Security.

Dr Maja Korac, Reader in Global Studies at UEL, organised the event. She said, “We’ve just celebrated the 20th anniversary of refugee studies at UEL. When we began we were one of only two universities in the UK to commit ourselves academically to this field of study and activity. 

“Guest seminars by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, like Cynthia, enrich student learning and will ensure we continue to be a thriving and well-connected place to study refugee issues now and in the future.”

Photo by Rick Cinclair/Worcester Telegram & Gazette