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Sports Science student writes self-help book urging people to stay positive

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Emmanuel Ajetunmobi pens 'I Can, I Will, I Must!'

by Lee Pinkerton

Inspired by the death of his beloved aunt, University of East London (UEL) Sports Science student Emmanuel Ajetunmobi has written a self-help book encouraging people to always stay positive. 

Emmanuel, 20, from Rainham in Essex, began writing I Can, I Will, I Must! in 2016. 

He said, “I've always had the idea to write, but when my aunt passed away, I thought ‘It’s time to get it started’.

“My aunt was a really positive person. I couldn't believe that she was actually gone and I was in a negative state of mind at the time.

“After mourning her death, I wanted to write a book that would help people think positive thoughts in every situation.

“I choose the title because my message is that anything you want to do in life is possible, as long as you have the ‘I can, I will, I must!’ attitude.”

Emmanuel was a student at Barking and Dagenham College studying for a BTEC Diploma in Sports when he began writing the book, and he found the writing process a challenge. But he said he felt compelled to continue.

“It was hard to balance my studies and the writing of the book,” Emmanuel confessed. “But the book was and still is one of the things that is constantly on my mind.  I'm always thinking of ways to become better and to improve.”

Emmanuel released the book through KB Publishing, and has worked hard to promote it.

In addition to his current Sports Science studies at UEL and his fledgling career as an author, Emmanuel also has aspirations for a career as a model.  He’s already appeared on various runways, as well as XXY Magazine and fashion bible Vogue, the latter occurring when he was photographed on the catwalk during Graduate Fashion Week. 

Though I Can, I Will, I Must! is Emmanuel’s first book, he is already planning his next one.

He said, “It’s nearly finished.  It’s called, Love, Peace & Happiness - The Three Misunderstood Words. I love reading books that allow me to grow and develop as a person and I love writing, because when I write, I feel like I'm in my own world.”

I Can, I Will, I Must! is available to buy on Amazon