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UEL featured on the BBC Asian Network

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University-sponsored trip that sent 50 students to Mumbai gains media attention

By Lee Pinkerton 

University of East London (UEL) staff and students recently appeared on BBC radio station the Asian Network to talk about a UEL-sponsored trip that over 50 students took to Mumbai in June. 

Academic Partnerships Development Officer Felicia Werner and Masters' students Rebekah Pink-Hayes and Natasha Brown joined presenter Shazia Awan on the station’s lunchtime news show. 

The Mumbai2017 programme enabled the students to spend five days focusing on global awareness, social justice, sustainability, smart cities and inclusion. 

Organised by colleagues from UEL’s Office for Civic Engagement, the Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business and the Academic Partnerships Office, the trip to Mumbai provided an immersive study abroad experience focused on civic engagement, equality and diversity and cross cultural understanding. 

Felicia Werner explained the motivation behind the trip. 

She said, “UEL wanted to provide this trip for the students because we know that a big portion of their learning takes place outside of the classroom. It was an opportunity for them to develop their leadership skills in a new country – to see what the differences are and see what the similarities are, and see how they can take that and put it back into their studies.”

Over 150 students applied for the experience. In the final group of 50, all academic schools were represented, as were all levels of study from undergraduates through to PhD.  

All trip expenses were paid for by UEL.

If you would like to hear the interview, you can access it via this link to the BBC iPlayer.  The interview is two hours and nine minutes into the show.