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UEL architecture students to showcase Athens project to industry specialists and peers

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Master of Architecture students to display work and network with professionals at 'Megacrit'

Architecture students from the University of East London (UEL) have been helping the people of Athens recover from the burgeoning financial crisis – by using the power of design and building technology.
The students, all of whom are studying for a Master of Architecture (MArch), travelled to Greece to look at how ‘pre-fabrication’ could help build community spirit.

Pre-fabrication is the assembling of building components in an off-site workshop and then taking the parts to the main site to be assembled and complete a building such as a house or community facility.

They will present their work on March 30 at ‘Megacrit’ – a special day for architecture students from across London to showcase their work among peers and specialists. The day is  organised and hosted by The Architecture Foundation and the Royal College of Art.

Olivia Paine, 24, who is in her first year of her MArch at UEL, said, “Our work has been looking at pre-fabrication as a way of helping the people of Athens to create a sense of community, especially after the impact of Greece’s financial crisis.

“We went to Athens before Christmas, focusing on the Gazi area which is up and coming and provided a good opportunity for people to build a community through pre-fab activity.

“My own personal project is looking at the use of scaffolding as a pre-fab component to build on already existing concrete foundations.  

“Such buildings, we hope, will help people feel invested in the places they live and spaces they have available.”  

The students will be using Megacrit to display a range of technical drawings and diagrams as well as scaled-down models of pre-fabricated buildings.

Architecture specialists and peers from other architecture schools in London will offer feedback on their work. It will also give the UEL students an opportunity to learn about the work of other architecture students and schools.

“We’re emerging architects, so this will be a good opportunity to network with fellow future professionals, too,” said Olivia.