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UEL academics win award for work with traditional food enterprises

Business students in class

Academics have helped entrepreneurs to develop their businesses

Two experts in entrepreneurship at the University of East London (UEL) have won an award for their work in promoting and developing farmers’ markets, artisan bakeries and other home-grown produce businesses.

Ian Bathgate and Andre Mostert received the award from CommBeBiz, which specialises in supporting EU-funded research in the fields of food, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and biotechnology.

The two academics have been working on an EU-funded project called TRADEIT. It brings together 19 food associations, traditional food enterprises and universities from across Europe to support and develop the traditional food sector. 

Mr Bathgate, who is the director of the UEL Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise, was delighted with the victory and said it shone a light on UEL’s emphasis on entrepreneurship.

One of the project components is called DESIGN4SME, which is focused on teaching food producers entrepreneurial skills. 

Over a three-year period Mr Bathgate and Mr Mostert hosted bespoke events and taught at DESIGN4SME summer schools, giving managers of small food enterprises the knowledge to develop their businesses. 

In an age of international restaurants and 24-hour supermarkets offering food from around the world, the UEL pair are intent on keeping traditional, home-made foods on the menu.