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University of East London hosts ‘Abenomics’ workshop in Japan

UEL joined a number of universities to discuss the comparatively new and unknown thinking behind ‘Abenomics’ and its impact on financial markets, monetary policy, fiscal policy and corporate governance.

Abenomics is named after the economic policies advocated by Shinzō Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister since 2012. According to the Financial Times newspaper, abenomics is based upon the ‘three arrows’ of fiscal stimulus, monetary easing and structural reforms.

The discussion took the form of a one-day workshop hosted by UEL, along with Meiji University, Japan, the School of Oriental and African Studies, Portsmouth University and Kingston University. Sponsorship for the workshop came from the Sasakawa Great Britain foundation.

It was hosted the day before the annual international conference on Economic Theory and Policy, held at Meiji University Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the publication of The General Theory, by English economist J.M.Keynes. 

Dr Mimoza Shabani (pictured, right in white trousers), lecturer in financial economics at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, said the workshop was well received and attracted a number of Japanese academics expressing interested in participating in future research in the area of Abenomics. 

“We also met the former Governor of the Bank of Japan, Mr Masaaki Shirakawa, to discuss our workshop and exchange ideas,” she said. The photo above shows Mimoza meeting the former bank governor.