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UEL unveils new multimillion pound bioscience laboratory

uel bioscience physiology students

High-tech facilities to have major impact on bioscience learning experience

The learning experience of UEL students enrolled on UEL’s bioscience courses will be greatly enhanced following the opening of new laboratory facilities at the University’s School of Health, Sport and Bioscience in Stratford.

Last year UEL were awarded a £1.2 million grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for England to build a new high-tech super-lab. This was match-funded by the University, making an overall investment of £2.4 million.

Phase one of the redevelopment has now been completed with the new lab coming on stream. Phase two will involve an adjoining room being knocked through to make a single giant lab.

The new facilities are set to have a major impact on the student experience at UEL and boost the University’s reputation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Head of Bioscience Dr Joanne Tocher said, “In our previous labs we could only accommodate 40 or so students at a time.  Once the second phase is completed, over a hundred students will be able to work in the lab.”

“We’re not just spreading out the old equipment into a bigger space.  We have also purchased a lot of new equipment for the lab, and whole new workstations for students, so they will have more access.”

The new facilities will be of benefit to postgraduate researchers as well as undergraduates. 

Dr Tocher said, “Because we’ve now got more space for taught sessions, it frees up other areas for project work. So, when students get to do their master’s, we’ve now got space for them to do that lab work in a dedicated area.”

The facilities are also more in tune with what students can expect to find in commercial laboratories.

“What we’re trying to do with students is give them an experience as close as you can to what they will have when they move into industry,” explained Dr Tocher.

The new laboratory space will even benefit local people who are not enrolled as students at UEL.

The University is planning more showcase events such as taster sessions for local schools and colleges, and there will be sessions for science teachers who need to bring their skills up to date to prepare school pupils for university study.