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Centre for Cultural Studies Research launches book and seminar series

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'Radical Cultural Studies' series aims to engage with the 'lived reality' of politics and culture

A new book and seminar series sponsored by UEL’s Centre for Cultural Studies Research kicks off with a look at the cultural and socio-political influence of seamstresses during the Industrial Revolution.

Professor Maria Tambouku’s new book, Sewing, Fighting and Writing: Radical practices in work, politics and culture, examines the stories and writings of 19th and 20th century seamstresses – a group of women who played a central role in many of the important events of the time but who have seen their contributions forgotten or marginalised.

The second book in CCSR’s ‘Radical Cultural Studies’ series will be Radical Space: Exploring politics and practice, by the centre’s Professor Maggie Humm and Dr Debra Benita Shaw. In their book, Professor Humm and Dr Shaw explore how activists and artists have deployed theoretical tools to examine the space beyond modernity and the nation state. 

The aim of the 'Radical Cultural Studies' series is to examine the culturopolitical, socio-political, aesthetic and ethical implications of international cultures, creating work that engages with the ‘lived reality’ of politics and culture and is alert to possibilities for social change, according to CCSR literature.

“UEL has a long-standing reputation for work in this field, which the book series will enhance and consolidate,” said Dr Shaw, who is a director at CCSR.

CCSR’s partnership with publisher Rowman and Littlefield International will allow the centre to publish cutting-edge research in the field of cultural studies and disseminate it to a wide audience, she added.

“Since we signed the contract a little over a year ago, we have commissioned a total of seven books by a range of outstanding authors and have begun to develop a significant international profile in both cultural studies and related disciplines,” she said.

The 'Radical Cultural Studies' series will be accompanied over the next six months by six seminars led by authors and thinkers who are connected with CCSR. The seminars are being hosted by the Open School East, a learning space near Haggerston railway station in Hackney, London.

The Sewing, Fighting and Writing launch includes a seminar scheduled for 6:30 pm on 28 January. A seminar for Radical Space is scheduled for 28 April.

The Centre for Cultural Studies Research is part of UEL's School of Arts and Digital Industries.