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UEL sadness at death of Chancellor Lord Noon

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The University of East London (UEL) deeply regrets to announce the passing of its Chancellor, Lord Noon.

Professor John Joughin, UEL Vice-Chancellor, said: “Lord Noon was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by UEL in 2009 and became our Chancellor in January 2013.  For him, the award of his UEL degree and his appointment as Chancellor were great privileges, from which he drew immeasurable personal pleasure.

“Having not had the opportunity to study in his earlier years, he regularly spoke with very considerable pride about the award of his honorary degree – and those that he also received from other institutions – and the great personal significance that this had for him.

“In all his many years of association with UEL, Lord Noon was a huge inspiration to every member of staff and every student with whom he came into contact.  He was the very best example of a man for whom hope, ambition, and aspiration became completely synonymous with the story of his life and his many achievements; from a sweetshop owner in Mumbai to a multi-million pound businessman employing thousands of people across the world.  Lord Noon will also long be remembered for his devotion to and love of the game of cricket.

“I will personally miss the support, friendship and wisdom that Lord Noon so generously offered.”

Read Lord Noon's obituary in the Guardian.