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Seeing the light

landscape architecture at UEL

A bright idea by a UEL student could reinvent the tourism landscape of Venice.

Patrizio Akkary – a first year architecture student -- wants to turn the spaces underneath Venice’s wells into social gathering spots for tourists. Patrizio revealed his idea at the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering’s Open Jury event, where students present their ideas and project models to members of London’s leading architecture firms and the general public.

Students had to travel to Venice and Birmingham to look at interesting places and spaces. Once they located a site they had to survey and document it and then choose a project around it.

Knowing that Venice’s 600 wells are not in use, Patrizio thought he could bring something different to the tourism landscape of Italy’s Floating City. His chosen site, the campo san Lorenzo, was the perfect place to begin.

“I proposed a space under the well where tourists could relax under the natural light that filters through,” said Patrizio. “The areas under Venice’s wells are currently wasted spaces and people could experience this beautiful city in literally a completely new light.”

Patrizio was one of many students and teams who showcased their work.

“The Open Jury is a big event for us,” said Raphael Lee, First Year Programme Leader BSc Architecture. “It’s a showcase of what we do in the professional arena, and Patrizio is a fine example of students using their initiative.”

The Dean of ACE, Professor Hassan Abdalla, was very excited about the students’ projects.

“We took our students to Venice to develop their talents and so they could gain an understanding of architecture and design, as well as to focus on other aspects such as team-building,” said Professor Abdalla. “We are focusing on this ethos of the School to keep our students inspired and engaged.”

Notes to Editors

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