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Left to their own devices

UEL BIS students in class
There's still time for UEL students to sign up for a brand new programme which will give them unique hands-on experience as part of their degree. But the deadline is getting close.

The London Scholars programme – part of UEL’s commitment to Civic Engagement - ensures that participants have the opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives by actively engaging within the local community.

Based on the successful Global Scholars programme, students have the opportunity to work with each other, as well as entrepreneurs and organisations, to design a practical, needs-based project or activity to be implemented in specific destinations.

Various exciting projects have been planned for 2015 where students can make a positive impact and at the same time develop their management and research skills. These include

  • Analysing the barriers faced by footballers in the Asian community
  • Creating a living wage zone in Newham
  • Implementing a sustainable business project within a charity

Academics are getting on board too, building relationships with the students and partner institutions. Research collaborations and other potential funding opportunities for academics’ areas of interest are some likely results as civic engagement is taken to the next level.

Interested students are invited to submit their applications as the deadline is imminent.