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IRCD was created in 2007 as a focus for academic child development research in East London. East London has always been an area of social change with pockets of significant deprivation and this inevitably has an impact on the development of children. Whether a parent or an academic or a public or third sector professional working with children, we are all concerned with ensuring the best outcomes for children. To do this we need to draw on the best available evidence.

There are currently three main themes to the research of IRCD and we work across ages from newborn babies to adolescents. We are concerned with research that helps to understand both the fundamental processes of development and the conditions that influence outcomes. IRCD is committed to research that allows us to understand factors that have both positive and negative influences on development from birth onwards. While we are based in the School of Psychology at UEL and many of our staff have a background in child and developmental psychology, IRCD is an interdisciplinary organisation and we work with academics and partners from the health, public and third sectors. We have links with many external organisations and partners. 

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Pages outlining ACORNS: our accessible cause-outcome represention and notation system for showing atypical development, are accessible here.


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