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Tier 4 (in the UK)

When your visa is granted

    Length of Time on Visa

    The guidance for Tier 4 (General) states that successful applications should be granted until the expected completion date of the course (as stated on your university record and CAS at the time of application) and some additional time depending on the length and type of course.

    • Courses of one year or more - expected end date of the course + four months.
    • Pre-sessional / Pre Masters course - expected end date of the course + one month.
    • Other courses less than 12 months but more than 6 months - end of course + 2 months
    • Short courses of less than 6 months - end of course + 7 days

    Note: If you think that you have not received the correct length of time on your visa (end date on your visa letter + extra time as above) see section on Incorrect Visa?
    Please note: The time spent on study at degree level by Tier 4 (General) Students is limited to five years, with some exceptions.

    Length of time on visa

    Visas issued outside the UK

    If you have been issued an initial entry clearance (student visa issued in your country) which is incorrect we may be able to request that it be corrected free of charge through the UKVI Entry Clearance (EC) Amendment Team.

    Please note: We are only able to request entry clearance correction on your behalf if you bring us your passport and CAS letter more than 1 month before the expiry date of your visa, the sooner the better.

    Visas issued in the UK - Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) Cards

    If your visa was issued in the UK (as a visa renewal) then you may be able apply for an administrative review if you think there’s a mistake in the length or conditions of your leave.

    An Administration Review will cost you £80 and must be applied for within 14 days of receiving your BRP. You’ll get the £80 refunded if there was a mistake, and you’re given a new BRP with the right amount or conditions of leave.

    In cases where we are unable to obtain a correction for you, one remedy may be to make a complaint through the Home Office complaints procedure.

    Please note: we cannot guarantee the outcome of any request, challenge or complaint about incorrect periods of leave to remain or entry clearance. Therefore, you should ensure that you have valid leave in the UK at all times - do not let your visa expire, without taking appropriate action first.

    Other inaccuracies on your visa

    If you have any other inaccuracies on your visa such as misspellings, wrong conditions, wrong category or other, please come to one of our drop-in sessions or email us for advice on correction.

    Errors on visa

    Some international students are required to register with the police. If you have a Tier 4 visa valid for longer than 6 months and you are required to register with the police, it will be stamped on your visa that you must register with the police. You must do this within 7 days of arrival.

    If you are required to register with the police, there is a £34 charge for the initial registration. You should take your passport, a passport-sized photograph and the fee. If you have a dependant who is also required to register with the police, they too must go in person for the initial registration.

    Renewal of police registration, for example because you have extended your visa is free of charge.

    You must notify the police of any change in address within 7 days. If any of the particulars detailed in your police registration certificate change (for example: immigration conditions, passport details, name, address, marital status or occupation) you must notify the police within 8 days.

    If you live within the Greater London area, you should go to:

    • The Overseas Visitors Records Office. Ground Floor, Brandon House, 180 Borough High Street, Borough, London. SE1 1LH (nearest underground station: Borough -Northern Line)
    • Telephone number: 020 7230 1286
    • There is also a recorded information line: 020 7230 1208
    • The Overseas Visitors Records Office in Borough is normally open from 9.00 until 16.00 Monday to Friday.
    • Students living outside the Greater London area should register with the local police force.

    For more information on the Police Registration Certificate see the Home Office information here.

    Registering with the Police

    If your circumstances change while UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) are considering your Tier 4 application or while you are studying in the UK as a Tier 4 student, you should tell the Home Office using the Migrant Change of Circumstances form.

    You should use the form to tell UKVI about:

    • changes in your personal details;
    • criminal convictions that you have not previously told us about;
    • changes in your contact details;
    • changes in your representative's details;
    • changes in your family members' details, if they are in the UK as your dependants; and
    • any other information that you think they should know.

    The form should not be used to report other changes, such as a change in your education provider or course of study. Please contact ISA to discuss any other changes.

    Note: Always ensure that your report any changes in your circumstances to UEL as well:

    • Changes in contact details can be made through UEL direct;
    • Changes to your visa/ passport (example: new visa) must be reported in person at the Hub with the original evidence of the change (for example: new visa or new passport);
    • Changes to your personal details such as name or title must be changed at the Student Services helpdesk in person with the original evidence of the change (for example: deed poll certificate, new passport with new details or marriage certificate);
    • New criminal convictions must be reported to the Admissions officer with responsibility for criminal records checks in the first instance by email at with your name, student number and details of the new criminal conviction.

    Other changes in your circumstances (change of name, address, etc)