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International Summer School

The University of East London International Summer School programme is a unique opportunity for you to experience the excitement of London life, make new friends from all over the world and stretch your mind by studying one of our stimulating courses.

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Choose from one of our innovative, forward-thinking and contemporary courses for the opportunity to perfect your skills and knowledge in your chosen field of study. 

Fashion Culture: Atelier for New Designer<br>(Please note: This is a three-week course running 7 July - 28 July) 

Fashion Culture

This three week programme will focus on exploring and developing the practical skills that fashion designers across the globe rely on to design & create.
Learn how to bring your sketch to life, come and have discussions with young designers, expert pattern cutters, and fashion style and history specialists who will talk to you about how London influences the £3 billion global fashion industry.
Master how to cut and re-attach materials in order to sculpt new ideas; the practical essence of design in 3 dimensions.
Come and explore this process of cutting and rebuilding and learn about how materials are being used to present new forms of garments.

You'll explore the fashion retail business through structured trips to;

  • High-end designer shops such as McQueen
  • High street brands such as Whistles and Topshop
  • Clothes market, including Camden and Spitafields
  • Vintage shops like beyond Retro and Rokit


International Business and Communication

If you’re an aspiring business leader or a young professional preparing to enter the world of work in an emerging and developing economy, this course is for you. It’s structured around the needs of speakers of English as a second language and will help you develop your applied knowledge of English.
If you’re interested in improving your chances of finding the right career, the course contains an optional online employability simulation. You’ll also study a variety of business topics and apply your knowledge through case study work and interaction with corporate executives.

London 2020: Dealing with the Impact of Cyber Security, Big Data and Digitisation on Businesses

Security professionals often focus on the security mechanisms or controls employed without explaining why they are needed, and what they mitigate. Understanding these details can help you make conscious risk management assessments to ensure that the required controls are pragmatic, cost effective and appropriate and actually protect your business. Therefore, we believe understanding the steps needed to protect against cyber-attacks is an effective means in protecting your organisation from these attacks.

During the course you will:

  • Understanding the Threat Landscape
  • Understanding Vulnerability
  • Common Cyber Attacks: Stages and Patterns
  • Reducing your Exposure to Cyber Attacks
  • Understanding the 10 Cyber Security Steps in Detail
  • Implementation of the 10 Cyber Security Steps.

  • Match with start-ups and solve some of their challenges.
  • Develop your own ideas, translate them into business models and pitch them.
  • Gain valuable introductions in London’s start-up community
  • Experience the future of work visiting some of the most impressive tech companies with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Uber.


Architecture: Performative Design for Digital Manufacturing

The participants will make use of digital morphogenetic processes to develop self-supporting shells. You will be designing & modelling a small scale pavilion using industry-standard software such as Maya, Rhino and Grasshopper.
Your final design will be manufactured using the facilities in UEL’s Digital Fabrication Lab (laser cutting, 3D printing and robotic manufacturing). The design will also be documented through a short BIM introduction using Revit, therefore, participants will experience a bridging between creativity and productivity.

London 2020 - Global Smart and Sustainable City

In an ever changing world, it has become important to see how we can build a sustainable future. Sustainability can take many forms from building efficiencies, energy systems, logistics and design. The aim of the programme is to explore the response of the professional community to the challenge of improving sustainability. London faces several challenges.
In the Mayor’s plan, the drivers are clear, fuelled by increasing constraints on urban resources such as transport, energy and healthcare, and our desire to provide attractive and enjoyable places to live and work. London also has to plan for population growth to avoid peak-load and congestion in its infrastructure.
The programme will teach students how London is adapting to these challenges by becoming a leading smart city and building on its technical process. Students will be able to apply these techniques to other cities and see how cities can learn from London’s success.

The following topics will be covered: 

•Introduction to refugees and forced migration: Conceptual and theoretical considerations 
•Refugees, forced migration and human rights framework 
•Humanitarianism and aid 
•Human mobility and the question of security 
•Gender based violence in humanitarian and emergency settings 
•Trafficking & sexual slavery 
•Governments, INGOs and NGOs institutional response: Accountability and Transparency 

Who can apply?

The Summer School is designed for students, researchers, activists and practitioners who want to gain knowledge and experience in refugee and forced migration studies. It is open to participants from NGOs and international NGOs, think tanks, charity or legal professions, academia, and media. 

Deadline to Apply: 10 June 2017 

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