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Funding for North Americans

We accept Federal Aid and administer private loans. Our US Financial Aid Office (part of the Student Money Advice and Rights Team - SMART) are responsible for administering all aspects of US funding at the University of East London, as well as Canadian loans. If you have any questions that are not answered by looking through our website, please contact us at

UEL students can take out federal loans from the US government to help pay for school related expenses in the UK (our federal school code is G30450). We also administer private loans. 

For full details on the application process, the types of loan available (including interest rates), eligibility criteria and all other relevant information please see our Federal Aid Guidelines Document. 

The Student Money Advice and Rights Team (SMART) are responsible for administering Direct Loans at the University of East London. If you have any questions that are not answered by looking through our website or the guidance document, please contact us at

Note for Fall 2018 Applicants

Applications for Federal Aid are now OPEN for fall 2018 entry. Please follow the steps below in order to arrange your funding. 


UEL’s school code is G30450. You will need this when making your application.

In order to apply for federal or private loans through UEL you are required to complete the following documentation -   


The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at  UEL’s school code is G30450.

Cost Of Attendance

In order to work out your entitlement to funding we require you to complete a Cost Of Attendance form. This will work out your likely costs while living and studying in the UK for one academic year, and calculate your entitlement to federal/private loans. 

The Cost Of Attendance form you are required to complete depends on your status.

UEL Application Form

Once your loan limits have been calculated it is your job to advise us of how much you wish to borrow by completing the application form.

Master Promissory Note (MPN)

An MPN is a legal document that is the borrower’s promise to repay the loan, with interest in specified instalments. All students taking out government loans are required to complete the relevant MPN (at Please note MPNs are not required for private loans.

Entrance Counselling

Students are required to complete entrance counselling at Entrance Counselling is not required for private loans.

Send Us Your Documents

Once the documentation has been finalised, email with your completed Cost of Attendance file and Application Form. Please note that you will need to inform us that your FAFSA, MPNs and Entrance Counselling has been completed – the Department of Education may tell you that we have been automatically notified but this is not the case.

Once your documents have been returned we will confirm your eligibility and originate (process) your loans.  We will then send a loan award letter to the address on your application form which you can use as proof of your funding, if required.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
Once you have satisfied your academic conditions and accepted your offer of a place on the course, and had your loans signed off, you will be issued with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which you will need for your Visa Application.

Visa Advice
Students with a US passport will normally need to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa before coming to the UK. For more information on the visa application process please see our International Student Advice team’s webpage  


Your loan funds will be paid to you (disbursed) in line with the dates on your Visa Loan Letter, as long as you are fully enrolled and have set up a UK bank account.

Loan funds are disbursed in two equal instalments. For September start students, the first instalment is at the end of September and the second instalment is in the following January (provided that there is satisfactory academic progress). The US Department of Education regulations require the university to immediately take your tuition fees before any excess is returned to you. The university will take 50% of your tuition fees from the first loan instalment and the remaining 50% from the second loan instalment.  

Please note that we cannot disburse funds before your arrival in the UK to pay for your accommodation deposit (or any other costs such as your visa application fee). It is your responsibility to arrange payment of any such deposits out of your own funds prior to reimbursement through your loans. Once in the UK it is also up to you to make any remaining rental payments out of the funds that have been disbursed into your UK bank account.  


Students are required to complete an exit interview prior to finishing their studies. 

When you reach your final year of study your Exit Counselling should be carried out at