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Institute for Health and Human Development (IHHD)

IHHD is a leading public health research centre. Our primary focus is the health of communities and their wellbeing. We study the social, economic and cultural factors that influence the health of communities - here in the UK and overseas. 

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    IHHD opened its doors in 2006. Our mission today is the same as it was then - to carry out high-quality theoretical and applied research into public health. 

    We also aim to use new and creative approaches to provide world-class consultancy and knowledge transfer. Our clients and partners include governments, local authorities, businesses and charities. We always try to involve the communities or patients we’re targeting in our research. We do our best to make them our partners in both design and delivery.

    We’re committed to a vibrant academic community built on research, enterprise and innovation. Our projects and research make a real impact in the outside world – both in the UK and overseas.  Our funding comes from a broad range of organisations. These include UK government departments, UK research councils, NHS trusts and the European Commission.

    About us

    We have a reputation for innovation and a track record of project delivery for major funders and partners. Here are just a few reasons why you should think about working with IHHD.

    Our community health specialists work across a wide range of topics. Many of them have collaborated on or led projects overseas. Our community health specialists work across a wide range of topics. Many of them have collaborated on or led projects overseas. 
    We’ve pioneered many new methodologies. They include the integration of qualitative evidence into systemic reviews and the development of creative community engagement. Both of these methods are typical of IHHD’s approach - they aim to give communities involved in our research a voice in the process.
    Our academic work informs our creation of health interventions. And our health intervention work informs our academic research.   
    We’re known for combining expertise in public health medicine. Our research has seen experts from a wide range of backgrounds working together. And we cover most areas - everything from sociology, economics and psychology to community development, anthropology and the arts.
    Our UK funders include the Economic and Social Research Council, the Department of Health, the Department for International Development, the Wellcome Trust, NHS Trusts and local authorities. Our international funders include the European Commission and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.
    Our team includes specialists on working with agencies and communities. IHHD is also known for our rigorous evaluations of health projects.
    IHHD’s location in east London puts us at the centre of some of the most diverse and deprived communities in Europe. We have wide experience of working with these communities.
    • Department for International Development (DfID)
    • Greater London Authority
    • London 2012
    • NHS
    • Public Health England
    • Well London

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