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Race Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace 2021

Race Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace 2021

May 27, 2021


Every individual, regardless of their background, identity or situation, should be able to achieve their potential at work. The Independent Race in the Workplace review by Baroness McGregor-Smith in 2017 identified that the potential benefit to the UK economy from full representation of BAME individuals across the labour market, through improved participation and progression, is estimated to be £24 billion a year, which represents 1.3% of GDP.

As well as the personal cost to individuals of losing out on work prospects because of discrimination or bias, it is also detrimental to employers who do not take action as they are left with a more restricted pool of talent, whilst the non-advancement of individuals can often mean the under-utilisation of skills.   

According to a recent 2020 EHRC report, in Britain, significantly lower percentages of ethnic minorities (8.8 per cent) worked as managers, directors and senior officials, compared with White people (10.7 per cent) and this was particularly true for African or Caribbean or Black people (5.7 per cent) and those of mixed ethnicity (7.2 per cent). Furthermore, rate of unemployment for ethnic minorities were substantially higher at 12.9 per cent compared to 6.3 per cent for white people.

Agenda Content and Learning Outcomes*

  • Analyse the core concepts of how people management practices and organisation cultures are built on the principles of trust, equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Learn of the steps employers must take to remove workplace barriers and harness the talent of a diverse workforce
  • Scrutinise the means of ensuring effective and transparent monitoring arrangements are in place to measure progress
  • Discover key mechanisms for increasing diverse leadership on boards and at senior level
  • Hear of the methods that employers need to practice to ensure all recruitment processes are free from racial bias
  • Examine modes of ensuring remote work inclusivity of all individuals in the current pandemic climate
  • Understand the significance of having better, evidence-based decision-making processes for personnel to be able to take effective action
  • Evaluate the means of tackling inequalities in the provision and delivery of apprenticeships

Benefits of Attending

  • Meet other like-minded professionals and develop new, beneficial connections
  • Through the learning opportunities and sharing of best practice, you will be able to implement improvements in your workplace
  • Impact the wider agenda and be part of future planning
  • Be part of organisations that continue to evolve, improve, and innovate
  • Learn how to make the best use of key products and services that can help transform your organisational capabilities


This event brings together Government and the wider public sector, academia and senior leaders from across the employment sector to hear the latest policy updates across the industry and address the challenges facing the sector in these unprecedented times.

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Dates and Timings

This is a 1-day event. Day 1: 09:00am – 16:00pm.

*Agenda subject to change.

Thursday, 27 May 2021