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Your Future Degree Tasters Spring 2021

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Your Future Degree Tasters Spring 2021 

19 April - 7 May (4pm - 5pm)

The University of East London is delighted to announce our Your Future Degree Taster which will be running through 19 April - 7 May. These subject workshops will be an amazing opportunity for you to gain a wealth of information to make informed decisions about your next steps. Our 1 hour subject workshops are designed to get you HE Ready, Career Ready and Future Ready! This jam-packed programme of events will enable you to sample as many degree subjects as you want, build on your transferable skills, and hear from alumni and careers coaches about how to plan for a fulfilling career. Through interactive workshops, webinars and careers panels, you will get the tools you need to ensure that you are ready for the future!  

That's not all! Each attendee will receive a copy of our digital HE Ready pamphlet and get a chance to win one of 12 UEL Study Packs (complete with a study techniques book, UEL branded goodies and a £20 Amazon voucher) to support you with your transition to uni!

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Subject Workshops: 

19/04/2021 - 20/04/2021 - Psychology

Cyberpsychology - 19 April

Forensic Psychology - 19 April 

Child Psychology - 20 April 

Counselling - 20 April 

22/04/2021 - 23/04/2021 - ACI

Fashion - 22 April 

Media and Journalism - 22 April 

Games and Animation - 23 April 

Performing Arts - 23 April 

26/04/2021 - 27/04/2021 - RDSB

Tourism and Hospitality - 26 April 

Law - 26 April 

Business and Economics - 27 April 

Accounting and Finance - 27 April 

29/04/2021 - 30/04/2021 - HSB

Sport - 29 April 

Biomedical Sciences - 29 April 

Public Health - 30 April 

Podiatry - 30 April 

04/05/2021 - 05/05/2021 – ACE

Engineering - 4 May 

Visual Arts - 4 May 

Computing - 5 May 

Architecture - 5 May 

06/05/2021 - 07/05/2021 – Educom

Education Studies - 6 May 

Early Childhood Studies - 6 May 

Politics and International Development - 6 May 

Working with Communities - 7 May 

For more information on the workshops, see below: 

19/04/2021 - 20/04/2021 - Psychology

Join us to explore how we investigate what makes us who we are, and how we can apply this understanding to impact our world.  Students are invited to take part in an interactive taster workshop to discover what a degree in Psychology involves and where it can them. This year, our lecturers will introduce you to our BSc courses in Psychology, Child Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Clinical and Community Psychology and Counselling as well as our upcoming BSc courses in Child Psychology, Cyberpsychology and Counselling. Come and find out more how you can make a difference with UEL.  

22/04/2021 - 23/04/2021 - ACI

Fashion: Make, Design, Style - 22 April 

"In this session session, students will have the opportunity to gain an insider look into the 3 courses within the fashion cluster (Textile, Design and Marketing) at UEL which, combined together, make up a successful fashion business. 

Students will join us on a creative tour as we develop textile concepts in our print workshops, then move forward to using our developed textiles to create draped garment shapes and silhouettes on the mannequin. Finally, they will be able to engage with us on developing a fashion marketing shoot using styling techniques and props to create a campaign to distribute via social media." 
Courses: Fashion Design BA *, Fashion Culture and Business BA, Fashion Journalism BA, Fashion Marketing BA *, Fashion Product Management and Innovation BA, Fashion Studies Top Up BA, Sustainable Fashion and Management BA, Textile Design BA * 

Media and Journalism: What’s in a hashtag and what is yours? - 22 April

What’s in a #hashtag? If you had a #hashtag, what would it be? This workshop will expand student’s knowledge of the humble hashtag. They will learn new ways to express themselves through hashtags and get their message across. Are you ready to empower yourself and connect experiences across your platforms?  

Courses: Creative and Professional Writing BA *, Creative Enterprise Top-up BA, Film BA, Journalism BA*, Media and Communication BA*, Media and Immersive Production BA*, Media Production BA*, Music Journalism BA, Sports Journalism BA 

Games and Animation: Participatory animation and game design event! - 23 April

Are you interested in animation and making games? In this rapid interactive taster session, students will customise or create 3D objects and apply basic animation. After that, we will transfer your creations into a video game environment, and they will design the game by determining its rules. Book this workshop to experience a taste of the gaming and animation industries! 

Courses: Animation BA*, Animation and Illustration BA, Computer Game Development BSc*, Computer Games Design: Story Development BSc* 

Performing Arts: Spoken Word Performance Poetry. - 23 April

This workshop will reference to the work of contemporary Spoken Word artists George the Poet, Kae Tempest and Deanna Rodger and will explore the title ‘Connection/Distance’ by dipping into a ‘word bank’ that we’ll create using resources found immediately around us. We’ll dive into our phones, wallets, bags and pockets to create short Spoken Word performances that examine the question, ‘How are we both closer connected and disconnected in our current COVID climate?’   

Courses: Dance: Urban Practice BA*, Drama Applied Theatre and Performance BA*, Music Performance and Production BA, Music Technology and Production BA*, Performing Arts BA*, Sound and Music for Games BA*, Sound and Music for Media BA*, Sound and Music for Theatre BA* 

26/04/2021 - 27/04/2021 - RDSBL

Reimagining & Reimaging: The DNA of Hospitality, Events and Tourism - 26 April

We live in an increasingly globalised world and we need to ensure we’re right on top of global trends and cultures – as well as sharing learning and new ways of doing things. In this session we will explore re-imaging and re-imagining hospitality, events and tourism from various points of view. 

Law: If I Ruled the World - 26 April

In this interactive session students will be, in the setting of a 'virtual' court room, they will be introduced to some of the fundamental concepts of the English Legal System, including the Rule of Law, Separation of Powers and Parliamentary Supremacy. Studying a Law, Criminology and/or Policing degree at the University of East London will prepare you for a career within the criminal justice system and beyond. This taster session into the criminal justice arena seeks to highlight how the knowledge of theories leads to good practice Develop the knowledge, understanding and transferrable skills such as undertaking research and critical thinking, all of which will benefit you within your professional and personal lives.  

Courses: Business Law LLB*; Criminology and Criminal Justice BA*; Criminology and Criminal Justice with pathway in Cyber Criminology BA*; Criminology and Law BA*; Criminology and Psychology BA*; Law LLB*; Law Short Course; Law with Criminology LLB*; Law with International Relations LLB*; Sociology with Criminology BA; Professional Policing BSc 

Business and Economics - 27 April

External factors such as COVID-19 and Brexit are constantly affecting business environments. As a result, business need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. As an accountant, economist, financial advisor, marketer, human resource manager, data analyst, international business advisor or business manager; how will you respond to a changing business environment? How can you help your business gain a competitive advantage? 

Accounting and Finance - 27 April

29/04/2021 - 30/04/2021 - HSB

Biomedical Science: Diagnostic Testing Workshop - 29 April

During these unprecedented times where a virus is causing disruption and sadly deaths, it has become even more evident that biomedical scientists play an important role in society. During this interactive session we will ‘transport’ students to our labs and show them the kind of techniques and experiments that they would carry out during their studies and that will lead to their qualification as biomedical scientist which is a gateway for multiple professions. In the session, we will challenge you to use data from patients to determine the causative agent of an ‘outbreak’ and we will discuss together your conclusions from the findings. 

Courses: Biochemistry and Biotechnology BSc *; Biomedical Science BSc *; Chemistry BSc *; Medical Physiology BSc *; Pharmaceutical Science BSc *; Pharmacology BSc *  

Sport - 29 April

Students will take part in an interactive session to learn more about teaching with the sport and exercise sciences. The session will focus on students identifying the key skills required in a range of different sports. Students will then work in groups to design activities which could be used to help develop these key sporting skills. 

Courses: Community Sports Management (in partnership with West Ham United Foundation) FdSc; Sport and Exercise Science BSc *; Sport Physical Education and Development BSc *; Sports 

Public Health: Your Future - 30th April

In this session, students will get an exciting introduction to our Public Health degree programmes, showing them how it can kick start their career trajectory.  They will think through some of the key health challenges facing us today with expert academics - from the pandemic of COVID-19 to the ongoing epidemics of food insecurity, diabetes, obesity, cardio-vascular diseases. We will explore what's really causing these diseases and their spread, why they are public health challenges, and how we can work to overcome them. It will be an exciting session to get inspired and be motivated about their futures in Public Health. 

Courses: Physiotherapy BSc; Podiatry BSc; Public Health BSc * 

04/05/2021 - 05/05/2021 – ACE

Engineering: Would you fly in a plastic jet plane? - 4 May

Students will embark in this workshop from an ex-Airbus employee, now a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, about the revolutionary materials technology used in today’ commercial aeroplanes and how that is embedded in our engineering courses at the University of East London. The interactive taster session will also test your students existing knowledge (regarding aircraft materials).  

Courses: Biomedical Engineering BEng; Civil Engineering BSc *; Civil Engineering BEng *; Civil Engineering (Integrated Masters) MEng; Design Engineering BEng *; Engineering Management BEng *; General Engineering BEng *; Mechanical Engineering BEng *; Mechanical Engineering (Integrated Masters) MEng; Mechatronics and Computer Systems Engineering BEng; Mechatronics Engineering BEng; Product Design Engineering BEng *; Railway Engineering BEng 

Visual Arts - 4 May

Computer Science: What makes a city smart? - 5 May

In our session we will see how Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data work together to shape the world around us.  Through an exciting computing lab, guided by our expert academics, students will get a sense of how each of these technologies has an impact on our daily lives and as our cities become more connected these technologies become more relevant.  

Courses: Applied Computing (Top Up) BSc; Cloud Computing BSc; Computer Science BSc *; Computer Science with Education and QTS BSc; Computing for Business BSc *; Cyber Security Networks BSc; Data Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc *  

Architecture: 360-degree Architecture and Design - 5 May

This multiplatform workshop begins with a 360 degree overview of the Architecture and Design Cluster courses at UEL, how our students learn, course structure, and facilities. Students will then get an opportunity to explore different pathways, including: Architecture, Architectural Design Technology, Interior design and Product design. Our academics will showcase of a variety of students’ projects and videos from current and graduated students describing the design process they followed to develop their project work. 

Courses: Architectural Design Technology (Accredited by CIAT) BSc *; Architecture BSc *; Interior and Spatial Design BA; Interior Design BA* 

06/05/2021 - 07/05/2021 – Educom

Work in Education: Education across the spectrum: Early Childhood, Education and Special Education  - 6 May

This session will introduce you to key BA Hons courses in the School of Education and Communities, if you are interested in working with young children or those with Special Education Needs or if you are interested in how governments and politics shape education and society this will be of interest to you 

Work in Communities: What makes a community? Who works with them and why? - 6 May

This session will explore the challenges facing different types of communities and how UEL trains a range of professionals to encourage participation and empowerment. If you are interested in working in community settings with Charities or a Local Authority come along to find out more and discuss how you might support people to ‘be the change’. We will outline our BA Youth Work and BSc Psychosocial Community work courses. 

Work in Politics - 6 May

Monday, 19 April 2021 16:00 to Friday, 7 May 2021 17:00