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Transforming Justice Through Technology

Transforming Justice Through Technology

April 27, 2021


The Government has ambitions to deliver digital justice and high-quality rehabilitation programmes to protect the public and swiftly and accurately dispense justice. For this to be achieved, a criminal justice service that is responsive, flexible, transparent and just and puts those whom it serves at the heart of it all, is a must. This needs to include a vision of a criminal justice system that embraces the use of modern technology.

Technology and data are the backbone of delivering an outcomes-focused system. A digital platform where the right people can securely access and share information at critical moments can integrate organisations and foster joint approaches to justice that support the user.

As individuals move from police right through to probation, secure access to technology and data can deliver the right services for users, enhance efficiencies and transform rehabilitation outcomes. Used accordingly, technology has the power to deliver a first-class criminal justice system fit for the modern age.

Alongside this, the advancement in the use of technology needs to be matched by a look again at the culture of our criminal justice service and a re-commitment to seeing that those who provide much of the input, victims and witnesses, are also recognised as those on whom the outcomes often depend.

Agenda Content and Learning Outcomes*

By embracing the real time challenges, there is an opportunity to create a criminal justice system that effectively uses technology to deliver a future fit for all. Across the day, delegates will learn how to:

  • Deliver digital justice and high-quality rehabilitation programmes to protect the public and swiftly and accurately dispense justice
  • Using data and technology to transform criminal-justice services
  • Ensure that data could feed cutting-edge technologies to help police forces collect and share evidence,
  • Provide prisons and probation providers with the tools to tailor rehabilitation services and integrate ex-offenders into the community
  • Develop an IT infrastructure from which all providers can access the appropriate data.
  • Utilise data and technology in various ways to proactively support crime prevention and assist the police
  • Use AI to take down extremist online content
  • Use predictive analysis to enable the disruption of hotspots
  • Provide new insights into perpetrators and victims of crime
  • Maximise the use of predictive policing and understand how AI is being used to combat modern slavery and other exploitative crime


The Transforming Criminal Justice Through Technology 2021 event brings together senior leaders in courts, prisons, police, central government, probation services, academia, industry and all those involved in the criminal justice sector to hear the latest policy updates and developments across the sector and address the challenges facing everyone in these unprecedented times.

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*Agenda subject to change.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021